It turns out that the NBA trades are never running out of surprises. Trade rumors are still circulating around the New York Knicks and Cleveland Cavaliers. The Portland Trail Blazers have already agreed to trade Allen Crabbe to the Brooklyn Nets. NBA trades always come as a surprise, and the current deal with the Nets and Blazers was a huge shock.

Apparently, the deal will benefit Portland in different ways. According to SB Nation, the deal was done with Brooklyn to clear the cap space. That being said, the Blazers will be saving almost $12 million of their payroll next NBA season.

Portland has remained silent for a while, but it seems that they have other interests apart from the deal with the Nets.

Blazers rumored to acquire Kyrie Irving or Carmelo Anthony

It is a known fact that Kyrie Irving wants his way out from the Cleveland Cavaliers. As for Carmelo Anthony, the New York Knicks are probably looking for options since he is open for a trade. Many teams have expressed interest in these two players, including the Boston Celtics and Oklahoma City Thunder. However, The Trail Blazers are also chasing these NBA stars.

Obtaining Anthony or Irving might be out of reach for the Blazers at this moment. But with their recent upgrades, it is not impossible. Considering that they just made a deal with Brooklyn, it is believed that Portland will remain silent for a while and focus on developing their current team.

Plus, the deal was not for nothing with the Nets as they got Andrew Nicholson in return for Crabbe.

How will Brooklyn Nets benefit from the trade?

As for the Brooklyn Nets, they have been targeting Allen Crabbe since last NBA season. Finally, the opportunity came their way, and they are aware that Crabbe will be the perfect player to fit in with the team.

The Nets need a player like Crabbe on the team to enhance their system. It was probably time for Nicholson to be on his way since he has $19 million left on his contract.

Allen Crabbe's contract will be increased by 15 percent since he was traded to the Brooklyn Nets. He averaged 10.7 points with and was 44 percent shooting behind the three point arc.

Previously, Crabbe has played for the Washington Wizards and Orlando Magic. Both teams have obtained a benefits with the trade; while Portland is still above their cap limit, the trade made sense for them to clear their space. If the Blazers get more options like this in the future, they will not hesitate to clear more of their cap.