It was not long that Carmelo Anthony wanted to stay with New York. The veteran forward had the advantage of his no-trade clause and thus remained with the New York Knicks as he wished. Now that things have changed with NBA free agency, trade rumors are swirling around Anthony as the Oklahoma City Thunder are reported to acquire him.

For almost the entire NBA offseason, Anthony's name was mentioned often in trade rumors. The NBA superstar is willing to waive his no-trade clause while the Houston Rockets were supposed to strike a deal with the Knicks.

However, the trade has yet to take its course. Given the present situation, Carmelo might be playing for another team soon.

Can the Thunders strike a deal with the Knicks?

The Oklahoma City Thunder is one team that is full of surprises. They have made some remarkable changes and trades that were unpredictable. One such trade was Paul George, while most basketball fans thought George would be on his way to the Los Angeles Lakers. The Thunder appeared out of nowhere and accomplished the deal with the Indiana Pacers.

With the past changes in the team, Oklahoma City has all the potential to get a hold of Carmelo Anthony. They are emerging as a prominent threat in the Western Conference. With star players like Paul George and Russell Westbrook, a trade for Carmelo Anthony is not impossible for the Thunder.

How will the New York Knicks profit with the deal?

If the trade takes place and Anthony goes to the Thunder, the Knicks will need something equally good in return. That said, Oklahoma City is certainly not going to trade Paul George. With their current situation, they do not have any tradeable assets. But they cannot be underestimated because they pulled off a huge coup by acquiring Paul George.

As for the New York Knicks, they will strike a good deal with the teams who would give them a potential superstar. The Knicks will ensure they profit from the Carmelo trade since many teams would want to get their hands on him. The Thunder are probably aiming for Carmelo to join forces with George and Westbrook. Playing alongside each other will bring a huge advantage to the team.

As for Paul George, he still looks on signing for the Los Angles Lakers next summer. Like Anthony, George has been waiting to play for the Lakers. However, he also admitted that he will not leave Oklahoma City if they turn out to be a winning team. If the Thunders are ready to offer a good deal with the Knicks, then Carmelo might be on his way out of New York.