Kyrie Irving has managed to be the center of trade talks for the past week. With many teams enquiring about Irving's trade, The Boston Celtics have also made a call to the Cleveland Cavaliers about their point guard. Kyrie Irving signed a $90 million contract extension with the Cavs back in 2014, and recently he requested the organization for a trade.

Once the news broke out about Irving's request, many teams have approached the Cavaliers to get their hands on the potential point guard. The New Orleans Pelicans and the Minnesota Timberwolves have also shown interest.

However, a recent report states that even the Boston Celtics are trying to acquire Kyrie Irving.

The Celtics might trigger the deal with the Cavs

When it comes to valuable assets the Celtics are still strong, for years they have been noted for having potentially young stars. With their current team, the Celtics could easily pull off a trade with the Cavs for Irving. But the question is who will Boston trade for Irving. Despite having valuable assets, they are not ready to let go of their potential draft picks.

The General Manager Danny Ainge has been building up the Celtics into a super team. That said, they will not let go of their top NBA stars. Considering Kyrie Irving's situation with the Cavs, the Celtics certainly want to be kept in the loop.

According to CBS Sports, they might offer Jae Crowder or Isaiah Thomas for Kyrie. It all depends on Ainge who has been calling the shots for the team.

What will Boston benefit from the deal?

There is no surprise that Boston contacted Cleveland about Irving. In fact, Angie has been positioning the Celtics to acquire more superstars.

Irving is an astonishing player as Boston would certainly benefit from his potential. If the deal passes through it would benefit both, the Cavs and the Celtics. Irving will have his request granted, the Cavs could acquire a strong player in return, while the Celtics obtain Irving.

On the other hand, the Celtics were not ready to part with any of their players for Jimmy Butler or Paul George.

Although, they had the opportunity when the Indiana Pacers were ready to release George. Danny Ainge did not show any major interest in striking a deal with the Pacers.

There might be a strong reason why Boston has contacted the Cleveland Cavaliers. Acquiring Irving is not difficult for the Celtics, they are probably waiting for other opportunities to emerge as well. As of now, the Boston Celtics have been kept in the circle for Kyrie Irving.