The Mayweather/McGregor fight is gearing up to be a historical sporting event. Boxing fans around the world are anxiously awaiting the fight which will also air on Pay-Per-View August 26th live from the T- Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Is Floyd Mayweather making a mistake coming out of retirement?

There have been loads of drama and controversy surrounding the two fighters as they continue to promote the upcoming boxing match. The debates between Floyd and Conor continue to grow more heated and personal with below the belt insults, threats, and foul language.

Viewers have been shocked by a number of racial insults and homophobic slurs from both men. At this time, neither athlete appears to broken up by the other's remarks.

Can McGregor beat Mayweather?

Boxing fans can expect a pretty even match up when it comes to the two fighter's athletic abilities. Floyd Mayweather has an outstanding record, currently, at 49-0. Mayweather is considerably older than McGregor and has come out of a 23-month retirement to take on the MMA fighter. McGregor's record is also nothing to snub one's nose at. However, this will be a very different type of challenge MMA fighter, who will be forced to use only his boxing skills to attempt to take down Mayweather.

However, this will be a very different type of challenge MMA fighter, who will be forced to use only his boxing skills to attempt to take down Mayweather.When asked about the controversy brewing between himself and McGregor, Floyd Mayweather claimed that it is 'no big deal' according to MSN reports.

Floyd did reveal that he felt that McGregor was careless with his comments when directing them at his family and staff.

"Conor McGregor said blacks were monkeys," Mayweather told MMAjunkie prior to Friday's tour stop in London. "Then he was speaking disrespectful to black women. Then he spoke disrespectful to my daughter's mother.

Then he disrespected my daughter. "

"I'm going to be a gentleman and say this on record: I wish Conor McGregor, him and his family nothing but the best. He has a beautiful family. His wife or his child have nothing to do with me and him going back and forth."

Sports fans of all types are well aware that a certain amount of verbal bashing can come with the territory at times, with even the best of athletes getting a bit out of hand from time to time in the heat of competition.However, it seems that these two men are pushing the envelope a bit far with this one.

Mayweather has also confessed that at this time in his life he is not quite the same type man he was years ago but, Conor McGregor has managed to bring that side of him back out. All in all, it is building up to be one interesting event. Come August 26th, punches will be thrown and it looks as if it will be an all out war going down in the ring.

Gamblers interested in betting on the upcoming fight are already well aware that oddsmakers are predicting that Mayweather will take this one without a hitch. With Floyd being the overall favorite according to Westgate Superbook out of Vegas Mayweather has been priced at 1/11 (-1100) odds with bets on the underdog McGregor at 7/1 or +700.

For those of who are unable to sit ringside in Vegas Pay-Per-View is offering us another option to view the Mayweather/ McGregor fight live for $89.99.

Many fans are planning to view from home and have already begun placing their PPV orders and making the fight-party plans.

Fans have to admit the drama surrounding the Mayweather/McGregor fights has all the makings of a major Hollywood motion picture, and it would not come as a big surprise to anyone if movie deals are being made at this very moment. After all, everyone loves a good fight movie.

How will you be viewing the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight, and who are you predicting as the winner?