Cleveland Cavaliers haven't had a great offseason and it's questionable if they can be competitive next year. Without any major additions to the roster, the Cavaliers won't be a better team next season and it will affect them in the playoffs. Undoubtedly, they will be the best team in the East, but their chances of winning a championship are very slim.

Instead of closing the gap on the Golden State Warriors, the Cavaliers haven't pulled any big moves this summer. Considering their luxury tax bill will be really big next season, one could argue that their team will be even worse than the last year.

LeBron James is frustrated and concerned with the current situation in Cleveland, which is not surprising. James, who has won three championships in his career, wants to win it all next year. Reaching the NBA Finals is not enough for him and he will never settle for anything less than a championship. However, that is not something that the current Cavaliers roster can offer to him.

James' frustration could drive him out of Cleveland

Dan Gilbert, Cleveland Cavaliers owner, pulled a bold move by letting David Griffin go. Griffin was the Cavaliers' general manager and he did a great job for the team, but Gilbert did not offer him a contract extension. LeBron advocated for the extension, yet Gilbert did not listen to him and the team is having a bad offseason as a consequence.

It's a fact that David Griffin did a good job for the Cavaliers and everyone expected that his contract would be extended. However, Dan Gilbert had a different plan, and that plan hasn't worked out well so far. Without a good general manager, the Cleveland Cavaliers are struggling to make big moves in the offseason. Big moves is what the Cavaliers need in order to have a chance to take down the Warriors next year, but that is something that's very unlikely to happen.

These problems are big and could easily drive LeBron out of Cleveland. He is a winner and the Cavaliers are far from the best team for him in terms of winning another title.

LeBron will be a free agent soon

James has a player option on his contract next summer and he will most likely opt out of it. There have been a lot of rumors about the four-time MVP joining the Los Angeles Lakers or even going back to the Miami Heat.

While it's still too early to talk about his free agency decision, it seems that his time with the Cavaliers may soon come to an end. LeBron James would be a top free agent and a lot of teams would be interested in him, so it's easy to see what he would leave Cleveland.