Just recently, Jamal Crawford was traded from the Los Angeles Clippers to the Atlanta Hawks. Even though he was familiar with Atlanta as he played for the Hawks for two years, Crawford made it clear that he wants to be bought out. He was part of the three-team deal that sent Danilo Gallinari to the Clippers, but the shooting guard is not happy with the trade and he wanted to become a free agent.

Fortunately for him, the Atlanta Hawks bought his contract out, making him a free agent. Just like that, Jamal Crawford became one of the top free agents this offseason and a lot of teams are interested in him.

Cleveland Cavaliers have expressed their interest in the 37-year-old shooting guard and it seems that Crawford is willing to sign with them.

Jamal Crawford wants to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cavaliers have no cap space as they have gone way over salary cap. Because of this, the only contract they can offer Crawford is a taxpayer's mid-level exception, which is worth $5.2 million next year. While this isn't a lot of money and Crawford arguably deserves much more, it seems that the former Clippers shooting guard would be fine with this deal if it means playing for the Cavaliers.

According to cleveland.com's sources, Jamal Crawford would play for the Cavaliers if they offer him a $5.2 million contract.

The sources also confirmed the Cavaliers' interest in the shooting guard. Now when he's a free agent, we could see Cleveland going after him and giving him an offer very soon.

It makes sense that Jamal Crawford would like to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers. They Cavaliers are the best team in the East and they have a good chance of getting back to the NBA Finals next year.

Crawford is a great player and he could even have a starting role on the Cavaliers. There is no doubt that he'd improve their roster and he could be one of the biggest contributors for the Cavaliers next year.

Cavaliers' free agency

Last night, the Cavaliers agreed to a deal with Jeff Green, who will most likely be LeBron James' backup.

Beside green, the Cavaliers also signed Jose Calderon and Kyle Korver. Adding Crawford would make their bench much better, which is something they struggled with last season.

Cleveland Cavaliers are still trying to land a big-name player this offseason. They have been linked to Carmelo Anthony and it seems they are trying their best to acquire him. This move might be costly for the Cavaliers if they trade Kevin Love, but it could also be the key to another championship.