Even though he has two more years left on his contract, it seems that Jamal Crawford won't stay with the Los Angeles Clippers after this summer. The guard will be owed $14.2 million next season and there are a lot of rumors saying the Clippers want to either trade him or buy his contract out. In either case, it is not likely that Crawford will stay in Los Angeles for another year.

Cleveland Cavaliers could use this situation to sign or trade for Crawford. The Cavaliers are looking to improve their roster and Jamal Crawford would be a great option for them, whether he's a starter or a backup player.

While the Cavaliers don't have a lot of money to spend on free agents, if Crawford's contract gets bought out, there is a big chance they could sign him to a minimum veteran contract.

Crawford and the Clippers

This offseason isn't going very well for the Los Angeles Clippers as their best player, Chris Paul, decided to join the Houston Rockets. However, Blake Griffin stayed loyal to the team as he agreed to sign a multi-year deal with them and it seems that the Clippers are also working on bringing Danilo Gallinari.

While the Clippers could still be competitive with their amazing frontcourt of DeAnde Jordan, Griffin and Gallinari, it seems that Jamal Crawford doesn't fit well anymore. Considering that Clippers are looking to do a sign-and-trade deal to acquire Gallinari, it won't be surprising that Crawford gets traded to the Denver Nuggets.

A few reports indicated that Crawford will be seeking a buyout if the Clippers trade him to another team. If this happens, the shooting guard will be a free agent and will be able to sign with whoever he wants.

Cleveland Cavaliers should target Crawford

Cleveland Cavaliers have been reportedly inquiring about Jamal Crawford but they haven't made any moves yet.

Beside the Cavaliers, the shooting guard has also been linked to the San Antonio Spurs and the Atlanta Hawks. It also seems that the Golden State Warriors would like to acquire him.

If he gets a buyout, Crawford could sign a veteran minimum contract with the Cavaliers.

Considering that he is 37 and that he won't play for many more years in the NBA, this would be a perfect deal for him. Not only would he get money from the Cavaliers, but he'd also get money from the buyout. Furthermore, he would be on the best team in the East, which means he would have a great opportunity to win his first championship ring.