Cleveland Cavaliers still haven't made any big moves this summer, despite their need for another superstar or more role players. While this offseason will be difficult for the Cavaliers as they don't have enough cap space to sign a big-name free agent, a big reason for their troubles is the fact that LeBron James isn't helping them recruit players this year.

Before this summer, James had been very active when it comes to free agent recruitment. However, that's not the case this year as the four-time MVP seems to be nothing but a bystander. The Cavaliers could definitely use some help from the best player in the world, but that's not very likely to happen.

LeBron is upset with Dan Gilbert, who owns the Cavaliers, and that seems to be the reason why he's not actively recruiting Free Agents to join his team. If the situation doesn't change soon, the Cavaliers could start the next season without any roster improvements, which could cost them in the long run.

Cleveland Cavaliers need LeBron to help them

It is obvious that the Cavaliers are not having a good offseason. After getting obliterated by the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, the Cavaliers started falling apart, and it is questionable if they can bounce back. They are fragile, and the end of their super team could come to an end very soon.

The biggest mistake the Cavaliers have done was letting David Griffin go.

With that move, not only did they lose a great general manager, but they also made LeBron James upset. This could be the reason why he's refusing to help them out this summer.

Everyone knows what influence James has and he is definitely a big piece of the Cavaliers, whether it's on or off the court. There are a lot of players in the league who would love to play with him, but if he doesn't do something about it, they will most likely sign with another team.

The Cavaliers need LeBron James to help them, otherwise, things could get very ugly for the team.

Jose Calderon signed with Cleveland

Cleveland Cavaliers decided to sign Jose Calderon to a one-year contract yesterday. Calderon was signed on a veteran minimum salary, which allows teams to sign free agents despite being over the salary cap.

While the Cavaliers did make a move in the free agency, it's far from what their fans expect them to do. Calderon is a nice addition, but he won't help them beat the Warriors in the finals, which is their one and only goal. The clock is ticking for Cleveland, and team's destiny might be in LeBron James' hands.