Former Nebraska and Green Bay football star Ahman Green isn't seeing his child abuse charges go away. In fact, the case against the retired running back is moving forward.

Former Nebraska football star's sad story

Green is expected to enter a plea in Superior court on August 24 and it's presumed the former Nebraska and Green Bay Packers superstar will be pleading "not guilty." Green appeared in court on Tuesday as well, but he didn't speak much.

The Green Bay Gazette reports Green said just enough to indicate he understood the proceedings. The Nebraska native told the judge he was aware that he was waiving his right to a pre-trial procedure.

The preliminary hearing would have had a judge decide whether there was enough evidence to move forward. Because Green has waived his right to this procedure, it moves forward anyway. While that seems to be a bit of a loss for the former Nebraska star, his attorney got a few wins as well.

Attorney Randall Petrouske was able to lift some of the "no contact" provisions that were included in Green's bail. Previously, the former Packers star had been ordered to have zero contact with his mother-in-law or his sister-in-law. The former Nebraska running back was also ordered to have supervised visits with all minors.

While that part of his bail has been lifted, he still cannot have contact with the alleged victim, his daughter.

He's accused of hitting his 15-year-old daughter in the head during an argument between the two about her refusal to do the dishes.

Ahman Green and his tarnished reputation

The family altercation goes a little way to tarnish the reputation of a much-loved player. Both Nebraska and the Green Bay Packers have long held the former star out as what a player is supposed to be once he retires.

Obviously, the court case is a long ways away from being over.

It's possible something happened that hasn't yet been reported and that will vindicate him. It's hard to envision that Green is going to be able to get away scot-free. The mother-in-law and sister-in-law are key components to the prosecution's case.

On the flip side, there is a chance the judge lifting the no-contact rule is a chance the tide is turning.

It's hard for outsiders in the media to know exactly what evidence has been introduced at this point. Ahman is someone who has had a pretty clean image since leaving the NFL. It's possible he lost his temper one time.

It's possible this can all be resolved without anyone getting hurt, physically or emotionally. We'll see more about what happens to Ahman Green when the trial enters the next stage in August.