The Lakers are still trying to make a move this offseason, and it seems that Rajon Rondo might be their guy. Rondo has been linked to the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers ever since he was bought out by the Chicago Bulls. After a meeting with Rondo, the Lakers are reported to be "very serious."

Lakers want Rajon Rondo

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reported that magic johnson met with Rondo on Tuesday. Mark Medina of the LA Daily News reported that the Lakers are very interested in Rondo after the meeting. The idea is that Rondo could come off the bench and be a mentor to their younger players.

Johnson has said that Lonzo Ball is the face of the franchise, and Rondo would most likely be a backup to Ball if he joined the Lakers. Rondo led the league in assists two seasons ago when he was a member of the Sacramento Kings, but he has bounced around over the league. Rondo was a role model for younger players when he was with the Bulls this past season.

Lakers met with Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

The Lakers met with Caldwell-Pope on Tuesday as well. The 24 year old was recently waived by the Detroit Pistons. Known as a productive defender in the league, the Lakers are interested in his services. However, the Pistons were reported to offer Caldwell-Pope $16 million a season before they acquired Avery Bradley.

The Lakers only have $17 million in salary, so he might be out of their price range.

Caldwell-Pope's most likely destination is the Brooklyn Nets. The Nets traded Brook Lopez to the Lakers to bring in D'Angelo Russell. The Nets like the idea of pairing the 24 year old with the 21 year old Russell to have a young backcourt. The Nets lost out on Otto Porter Jr., so they can make a run at Caldwell-Pope.

Laker fans feeling queasy

Paul George made Laker fans go crazy when he told Indiana that he was going to opt out after next season, and wanted to play with the Lakers. The Pacers traded George to Oklahoma City a couple weeks ago. George just made news for telling Sports Illustrated that Kevin Durant "sold" him on Oklahoma City.

Now, Laker fans are feeling a little worried. George wants to play for a title. He made that very clear in his press conference. If the Lakers cannot reel in a top free agent next season, he might not go to LA. If the Thunder can make a playoff push this offseason, then maybe the location will help persuade George to stay long term. It's a stretch, but George was supposed to be a guarantee for next year. It may not be that simple.