The Green Bay Packers are going to be one of the favorites in the entire NFL headed into the 2017 season. The biggest reason for that, of course, is their trust in the Quarterback position. One of the best of the current generation - and of NFL history - still holds down the role as the starter this season and for the foreseeable future. There are other quarterbacks on the roster worth learning about, though - just in case.

Quarterback position starts with Aaron Rodgers

Everything about the Packers revolves around Aaron Rodgers. There's an argument to be made that he's the best quarterback in team history, high praise when considering that Bart Starr and Brett Favre also led the team out of the huddle.

In the past couple of seasons, he has been upstaged by younger guys, such as Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan, who took him out in the playoffs last year. Rodgers will definitely carry a chip on his shoulder this season.

His primary focus will be on integrating his new set of receivers into the offense, specifically at tight end. Martellus Bennett and Lance Kendricks enter the receiving corps for the first time. The running game is again expected to be problematic and the offensive line isn't what it once was. Therefore, the success of the Packers will once again rely on their star quarterback being at his best.

Packers have viable backups

Behind Rodgers, there are currently three quarterbacks battling for a backup spot.

The top backup is Brett Hundley. He could probably step in admirably for Rodgers if need be, which fans hope will never happen. In fact, there are rumors in the air that the Packers may try to trade him before his contract runs out, while his potential is still unknown.

Joe Callahan is the third-string quarterback. He bounced around the NFL last season after going undrafted, but played well for the Packers during the preseason.

If the team decides to trade away Hundley, they will expect Callahan to step up immediately.

Then, there's Taysom Hill. The undrafted quarterback out of BYU may be the most interesting of all the backups. He's 26 years old and both a gifted passer and runner. Injuries prevented him from ever reaching his potential in college, though. There's very little chance he makes the Packers roster, unless he can beat out Callahan for a job. It just goes to show the depth Green Bay is working with at the position.