Six years ago, the name Derrick Rose was loud in the game of basketball. He was on top of the basketball league. He was also one of the youngest MVP in the NBA history. Rose was regarded as one of the best players in Chicago Bulls. He was often paired off with the best players in the league such as LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. Rose was also a big threat for a big and high performing team like the Miami Heat.

However, it did not last long for Derrick Rose. If he knew from the start that the NBA would be a lockout, he would not sign a contract a year after to get a veteran’s minimum.

With Derrick Rose signing a one year contract with Cleveland Cavaliers, he will be teaming with the player who was once his opponent, LeBron James.

The lockout

In 2011, during the lockout in NBA, the popular term “Derrick Rose Rule” was making a buzz in the sports world. This rule allowed Rose’s former team, the Chicago Bulls, to pay him at least 30 percent of his salary cap. This happened when he signed a five-year contract with the team. When he signed the deal with the Chicago Bulls, he got a total of $94 million for just five years.

However, things were no longer at odds with Rose. After the expiration of his contract, he signed another contract with another team which will only pay him a total of $2.1 million for a year.

Sad to say but the contract is an accurate reflection of Derrick Rose’s market value. In spite of his name value and the statistics he made last season, things did not turn as great as he expected.

During his stint with the New York Knicks, he was able to score at least 18.0 points with 3.8 rebounds and 4.4 assists for the last season.

The numbers might be high for a veteran player like him, but it cannot make the kind of magic he made during the early years of his basketball career.

Different from other players

What made Derrick Rose different from other players during his time was his remarkable athleticism. When he was in the middle of a game, he was a unique player who can make an explosion with the ball.

He can change his direction without people noticing. However, things did not turn out great when he had several knee surgeries. After the surgeries, he cannot perform as brilliant as he was before.

Without his athleticism, how can he manage to be a play maker on a team like Cleveland? With Koby Altman as the new General Manager for Cavs and the news of Kyrie Irving in a trade, will Cleveland and LeBron James manage to be the king of the ring again with the help of Derrick Rose?