After meeting Monday with the senior staff of the franchise, Derrick Rose has pledged to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers, as reported by journalist Shams Charania to The Vertical.

Rose would have given his word to be a Cavs player and he would have already passed the medical examination with his new team. The former point guard of the Knicks or Bulls would sign with the entity settled in Ohio a contract for a duration of one year and the minimum wage as a veteran: about $ 2.1 million, as the Journalist Chris Haynes of ESPN . The contract would cost the Cleveland Coffers about $ 14 million because the franchise is located in the luxury tax zone because of the long payroll of the squad.

Thus, the Cavaliers get the contest of a very valid base like Derrick Rose for a salary much more than affordable. For that price, Rose is a bargain counting that this past season ended with averages of 18 points, 4.4 assists and 3.8 rebounds. In addition, Rose is still 28 years old and although he has been heavily punished for injuries in his career, he can still be a player that brings news to any team.

In contact with LeBron

Although it has been commented that LeBron James would leave to the directive of the Cavaliers to carry out the appropriate managements for the hiring of players, its influence in the confecciones of the insoles of the ones of Ohio returned to be evident in the case of Rose .

As Adrian Wojnarowski reports to ESPN , both players have been in contact throughout the process that will end with Rose wearing the Cavs jersey.

James himself celebrated the imminent signing in social networks with a tweet in which welcomed the one that will be his new companion.

Accumulation of MVPs

After acquiring Rose, Cleveland will serve the NBA MVP winners between 2009 and 2013, since in that period LeBron James was chosen four times the most valuable player in the league and Rose one in 2011.

Also, the case of Golden State is significant, as the Warriors have the players - Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry - who have won the MVP from 2014 to 2016, both years inclusive.

Therefore Cavs and Warriors, the finalists of the last three seasons in the NBA, have in their ranks with all the winners of the MVP between 2009 and 2016.

Rose, yes, so come less because of their physical problems, is the only player of the four who will receive the next minimum wage campaign, as the other three are among the highest paid in the league with salaries ranging from 25 to 35 million dollars.

Not even being the youngest player of the four -Durant is the youngest by just five days apart-has served Rose for his obvious loss of cache.

The problem with Irving

The acquisition of the old MVP of the competition overlaps with the problems that the Cavaliers drag with Kyrie Irving, who insists on leaving Cleveland and being transferred to another team. It's possible March Madness will define in which final salary situation the Cavaliers remain, after the 2.1 million that will pay Rose.