The Boston Celtics are one of the strongest teams in the NBA, but they are not on the same level as the Golden State Warriors. The General Manager of the Celtics (Danny Ainge) is trying everything he can to make sure that Boston becomes a top contender once again. To make the Celtics stronger Ainge will need to make a few changes.

There is no surprise that Ainge will stop at nothing to shape the Celtics into a super team. However, the recent rumors are a bit surprising to all the Celtics fans. It turns out that isaiah thomas might be on his way from Boston if required.

Thomas and Al Horford has been Boston's top two players from the last NBA season. The question is, why would the Celtics want to give away any of their top stars?

Isaiah Thomas is a strong asset to obtain other players

According to the Metro, Ainge will need to be creative to bring his team one step closer to their goals. It is a risky and a fifty-fifty percent chance for this deal to take place. Thomas is a strong asset to the Celtics and with that Ainge might be able to do some modifications by pulling some strings.

If the Celtics consider sending Thomas to another team, they might need to make some major changes. Looking back at last year's NBA season, they managed to obtain Horford and Gordon Hayward in free agency.

But the Celtics will not give up Thomas unless they get a massive deal in return.

The rumors reported by the Metro are that Thomas would be offered a better deal if he moves away from the Celtics. On the other hand, it is also important to understand who might approach the Celtics for Isaiah Thomas.

Cleveland Cavaliers might be an option for Thomas-Irving trade

The situation seems to match at the moment as the Cavaliers are considering a trade deal for Kyrie Irving. If things spice up between these teams, the Celtics might just acquire Irving from the Cavs and pass on Thomas. Both Thomas and Irving are excellent players, and the Cavs can surely use a point guard like Isaiah Thomas.

The same situation goes for Boston as well and getting hold of Irving might change things on their team. The Celtics are believed to be a team of surprises and Ainge might just do anything that he feels is right. He has been dedicated and focused on developing the Boston Celtics.

Sooner or later, the Cavs will need to decide about Kyrie Irving's trade request. If the Celtics remain flexible, then there are chances for a deal to pull through. However, all these are just trade rumors which might stand little chance of coming true.