Kevin Durant shocked the world when he decided to leave Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors. He cannot be blamed, though, as he simply wanted to win his first NBA championship. Fortunately, he got what he hoped for after defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers in the recently concluded finals.

In an interesting list from TheSportster, it reveals some interesting facts about Kevin Durant. They are not entirely surprising in a sense that he is a human being after all. Well, without further ado, check them out below.

He would have been KP

One of the saddest stories about Durant is related to his father, who left him when he was still young. If his father did not do that, he would have been Kevin Pratt. He would not be the KD that people call him today.

Wayne Pratt, his father, re-entered his life when he was a teenager. Although Durant said in various interviews that his relationship with his father has bloomed, he did not deny the possibility of his family getting whole once again. Interestingly, the All-Star player revealed that when he won his first MVP, his father supported him from afar. He would often receive Bible verses from him, too.

Toronto Raptors was his first choice

Like Tristan Thompson of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Kevin Durant wanted to play for the Toronto Raptors.

It was the only team on his mind before getting drafted. His favorite player was none other than Vince Carter, who also played for the team.

In a report from ESPN, the league did not want a huge star like Durant to play for Canada. Although they never publicly admitted nor denied it, it seemed to be the case back then. This was perhaps the reason why Durant never landed in Toronto.

He and LeBron James made a secret rap song

Believe it or not, Kevin Durant and James actually collaborated on a secret rap song. Although the two would never admit, they cannot deny the fact that the voices were theirs. The two reportedly made the song sometime in 2011 when the infamous NBA lockout happened. Basically, Durant happened to be in Ohio where James lived.

It is worth noting that the two, despite their rivalry, remained to be good friends.

The two met in a secret studio, which would later release the unfinished track on social media. It is called Spider Studio, and they promised to release the whole track if the tweet reached one million likes and retweets. Kevin Durant rapped the first part of the song followed by LeBron James.