Sunday's 2017 edition of the "Money in the Bank" pay-per-view didn't feature too many surprises. One might say that the appearance by new roster members Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett was one of them. Another might be that The Ascension actually appeared on the card and above the Wwe World Championship match. Beyond that, the winners seemed to go as expected, setting things in motion for some future briefcase cash-ins on whoever the men's and women's champions might be. Speaking of champions, all of them walked in and out of the arena with their title belts on Sunday.

Here's a look at the latest "MITB" 2017 results.

'MITB' match results

Early in the night, The Usos were able to retain their WWE "SmackDown" tag team titles against The New Day. Unfortunately, they did so by getting themselves intentionally counted out to lose the match but keep the title belts. It was the first attempt by New Day to win the titles since arriving to the blue brand and it's likely they'll be granted a rematch based on the finish.

Also getting a first attempt at championship gold was "The Ravishing Russian" Lana. She put up a good fight against Naomi and even seemed to be in control for a large portion of the match, showing her wicked side in the ring. However, a late match distraction by the new "Ms.

Money In The Bank" teasing a cash-in eventually rattled Lana. She would end up in a submission hold courtesy of the champ, which forced her to tap out in defeat.

Randy Orton battled Jinder Mahal in a rematch for the WWE World Championship. The match was in Orton's hometown area of St. Louis with his father Bob Orton Jr. watching from the audience.

The Singh Brothers would have several instances of interference, including some taunts and threats toward Orton's dad. Despite being ejected from ringside, The Singh Brothers stuck around to get in Orton's father's face. That caused "The Viper" to become irate and attack the duo at ringside. His anger would cost him, and, once Orton returned to the ring, Jinder was waiting, and put him down with a finisher for the pinfall.

The Fashion Police team of Tyler Breeze and Fandango were back in action. In tonight's match, they were able to gain a victory over the not-so-often-seen team of The Ascension.

'MITB' briefcase winners

The women's ladder match opened the show to make history as the first-ever edition of such a match. Charlotte Flair, Carmella, Becky Lynch, Tamina, and Natalya battled it out for the hanging briefcase. Ultimately, it looked like Becky Lynch might make the climb and grab the case, but sneaky James Ellsworth came into the ring to topple the ladder with Becky on it. From there, he tried to help Carmella up, who was hurt on the mat after Becky's powerbomb. So, instead of a woman making history by climbing up and getting the briefcase, James Ellsworth did the work and dropped the case down to "The Princess of Staten Island." As of right now, it appears that Carmella is "Ms.

Money in the Bank."

The men's ladder match was the main event and was probably the match of the night. It featured Baron Corbin's sneak attack on Shinsuke Nakamura before the start of the match. With Nakamura hurt and sent backstage for medical attention, it meant that there were just five superstars for most of the match. Shinsuke would make his return to the men's ladder match, going on a rampage against all of the competitors. It eventually came down to him and AJ Styles, with the two trading shots and climbing a ladder. Each tried to grab the briefcase, but Baron Corbin came in to shove the ladder over, re-position it, climb it, and grab the briefcase himself.

After the PPV had ended, Baron Corbin would cross paths with current WWE World Champion Jinder Mahal.

The two had a brief moment of few words, but it would seem that Jinder is now on notice. Will Corbin or Carmella cash in this coming Tuesday? Fans will be waiting to see what happens on "SmackDown Live."