There have been reports that the Indiana Pacers have already been reaching out to teams for a possible trade with Paul George. Earlier today, a report had surfaced that George had told the Indiana Pacers that he expects to leave after this season. He had also expressed that the Lakers are his preferred choice.

As of now, Dave McMenamin of ESPN reported that the Pacers have reached out to the Cleveland Cavaliers about a possible trade. Chris Barnewall of CBS Sports reported that the Celtics and Spurs are also possible trade destinations for George.

Some of these seem more plausible than others though.

Best deal: trade with Cavaliers

The Cavaliers would most likely have to give up Kevin Love in a trade, not just for the fact that the Pacers would want an all star caliber player in return either. LeBron James would not be able to share the small forward position with George if Love was around. The move would allow James to be a power forward, with the rest of the lineup set with Tristan Thompson at center, Kyrie Irving at point guard, and J.R. Smith at shooting guard.

There is already chemistry between James and George as James has been public about how the two are good friends. There is hope with the Cavaliers that a championship culture with Cleveland could keep George for another year before he opts out of his contract.

What would it cost with Love to pry George away? The Cavaliers could trade Love, and take a gamble by trading their first round pick in the 2018 draft, and 2019 draft. The 2019 draft is only Cleveland's if the pick falls between 1-10, otherwise it is the Atlanta Hawks'. If Indiana rebuilds, the pick would surely be the Pacers, giving Indiana two first round picks in 2018, and 2019.

Unlikely deal, but love the possibility: Spurs

The Spurs have been linked to Chris Paul this offseason as well, so it would be unlikely for the Spurs to get both George and Paul. It is still entertaining to think what if? If the Spurs could work a magical trade, and pull off the impossible to sign Paul, the Spurs would have a big four with Paul, George, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Kawhi Leonard.

With the high amount of free agents, it would be unlikely the Spurs reach out and make the trade.

No chance: Celtics

All signs point to the Celtics chasing after Chicago Bulls guard, Jimmy Butler. The trade with the 76ers will net the team with a pile of draft picks. George has been reported saying he has a desire to play with the Lakers after the season. General manager, Danny Ainge, would never make a trade that involves assets unless his he is getting a return for the long haul.