Just a couple of days back, there were reports suggesting that Paul George wants out of the Indiana Pacers. Moments after, news about various NBA teams wanting to acquire the All-Star player broke out. Of course, who on Earth would not want this guy to be on their team? After all, he is prominent go-to-guy on the floor.

Now, Kevin Pritchard, the President of Basketball Operations for the Indiana Pacers, has shed some light on the trade talks involving Paul George. He confirmed the player’s intentions and that the organization is fully aware of it.

Apparently though, he did not like George’s decision to leave the franchise at this very moment of time.

A ‘gut punch’

ESPN reports, that Pritchard does not approve of the way George unveiled his decision. For him, it was merely a “gut punch,” referring to the player’s decision to take his talents to other teams in the NBA. “It couldn’t have come at a worst time,” the executive said. He even went to say that George should not have gone public about his move and that he should have rather sat down with the front office first.

Pritchard implies that Paul George should have rather informed the entire organization a few months back. This should allow the front office to visit their options and be prepared.

For him, George going public was “a big issue,” as it is something that the organization does not plan on doing if such a thing ever happens. Pritchard made it clear that, as an organization, they want their players to the have the desire “to be here.” Because to him, it is as important as keeping team moving forward.

Paul George going out

The Indiana Pacers superstar, through this agent Aaron Mintz, informed Pritchard last weekend that he plans to opt out of his contract. This will allow him to become an unrestricted free agent as soon as July of next year arrives. The team’s President of Basketball Operations said that since George made known of his intentions, the two of them have yet to exchange conversations.

This only amplifies the possibility of a trade not happening anytime soon.

Among the teams in the NBA that have shown interest towards Paul George are the Cavaliers, Rockets, Celtics, Wizards, Clippers and Lakers. The latter’s front office is not willing to overpay for George, but are positive that the player will join them next year. The Celtics, on the other hand, have already started doing business with him; however, recent reports suggest that the deal is currently on hold.