Recently, there were rumors about Paul George of the Indiana Pacers getting a handful of deals from multiple teams across the NBA. Unfortunately for them, the All-Star player reportedly showed no interest, as he does not see himself wearing other jerseys except for his current team. Obviously, this won the hearts of many, most especially the fans, as they see him as a loyal player.

However, there are actually NBA trade rumors saying that Paul George wants out and that he no longer sees himself as a fit in the Indiana Pacers. Rumors say that as soon as free agency hits, he will take the first door out.

It seems this guy just does not want the public to know his moves, but he certainly has plans going on.

Signing with the Lakers

Apparently, the NBA trade rumors suggest that Paul George wants to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers come 2018. This speculation is believed to have rooted from the fact that he wants a homecoming to Southern California and to play with the purple and gold team. So far, though, these are the only signs that can be linked to his possible decision of leaving the current franchise. Hence it should still be taken with a grain of salt.

If Paul George really meant what he said about not leaving, but eventually changed his mind, it is interesting to know what the probable cause is.

Could this be an ongoing turmoil within the team, or he just simply wants to visit his options? NBA trade rumors enthusiasts explain that George is basically giving the franchise a chance to decide on the future of the team, rather than going behind their backs and not informing them.

Paul George is just being honest

The rumors further explain that the Indiana Pacers superstar wants to be honest with the front office.

With that in mind, he went straight to Kevin Pritchard, the team’s president of basketball operations, and shared his plans. He is believed to have done this in order to spare the franchise of any confusions, which will really rise when he makes his decision. If he does move forward with the Los Angeles Lakers, he is expected to acquire a $130 million deal.

If there is really truth to these NBA trade rumors about Paul George, then perhaps the league and the surrounding fans will know later on. After all, he will face the press and explain himself. Regardless of his decision, this trade is not as easy as one might think. There will be a process, a rigorous one, and it will involve a lot of people. So, in one way or another, it is exciting to anticipate whatever George's decision will be.