After reviewing the first twenty picks, let's take a look at the final ten selections in the first round of the 2017 NBA Draft.

The Oklahoma City Thunder select Ferguson, Anunoby goes to Toronto

With the 21st pick of the draft, Oklahoma City Thunder selected Terrance Ferguson, a shooting guard from the INTL. Ferguson is a nice pick by theThunders, as he could become an elite scorer and a great back-up for Russell Westbrook. He possesses some great athletic skills for a shooting guard, so he should also be a very good defender.

Jarrett Allen, one of the biggest prospects at the center position, was selected by the Brooklyn Nets as the 22nd pick.

His offensive skills are questionable, but he has the potential to become a valuable and athletic big man.

The Toronto Raptors selected OG Anunoby, a small forward from Indiana. This guy definitely deserved a better pick, but his injury problems got him to the 23rd position on the selection list. Anunoby is already a great defender and has the potential to become a "new Draymond Green". However, he needs to improve his offensive game, but he could be one of the steals in the draft.

The Utah Jazz traded their 24th pick to the Denver Nuggets, who selected Tyler Lydon, a forward from Syracuse. Lydon is a classical stretch four player who can play both small forward and power forward positions. He should become a decent role player.

Portland made a smart decision, Lakers got two more picks

Orlando Magic traded the 25pick to the Philadelphia 76ers, who selected Anzejs Pasecniks, a center from Latvia. If he can develop his outside shot, Pasecniks could be an excellent pick for the 76ers.

Caleb Swanigan was selected as a 26th pick by the Portland Trailblazers.

This guy is a fighter with an inspiring story and he could find his role in almost every team in the NBA. He is a great rebounder and a good hustle player. Caleb is a nice pick for the Trailblazers.

The Los Angeles Lakers traded their 28th pick to the Nets for the 27th pick and the 30th pick. They selected Kyle Kuzma, a small forward from Utah and a great overall player with solid athleticism.

With the last pick in the first round, Lakers selected Josh Hart, another all-around solid player who can dribble, shoot, play defense and rebound the ball. These were smart selections for the Lakers late in the first round.

The Utah Jazz picked Tony Bradley, a power forward with a great rebounding ability, while the San Antonio Spurs selected Derrick White, a point guard from Colorado.