Over the past week or so, the Miami Heat have learned that both Willie Reed and Dion Waiters opted to become free agents. That has helped to create some new NBA rumors, which mostly have been based on big name players like Carmelo Anthony or Paul George lately. With the Heat already near the playoffs this past season with the roster they have, they are now having to make some important decisions. One of those will be whether or not to try to keep their roster intact. It was recently reported by one source that the Los Angeles Lakers could be an option for at least Waiters if the Heat can't offer him enough money.

Will it happen?

Waiters to Lakers?

A recent Miami Herald report from Barry Jackson indicates that Miami wants to keep Dion Waiters in a Heat uniform for next season. However, they want to avoid overpaying for the guard if possible. Ironically, Waiters' former sports agent is now the new Lakers General Manager. Could Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka help sway Waiters to Los Angeles somehow?

As the report continues, Magic has previously said he's "looking to keep the cap space" they currently have, which is $23 million, for the 2018 free agent class. That could be a fair indication that the Lakers won't be paying a hefty amount to get Dion Waiters playing at the Staples Center on a regular basis.

The Miami Heat will have about $37 million in order to try to pick up another big name player to join Hassan Whiteside and Goran Dragic.

It could mean that Dion Waiters takes a pay cut to stay on board, hoping that this team makes the right moves to compete.

Waiters & Johnson are keys

Another report from Miami New Times talks about the notion that maybe the Miami Heat can do some things to contend with the Golden State Warriors. While the idea is far-fetched, the first part of the equation is that the Cleveland Cavaliers need to decline in terms of their dominance of the Eastern Conference.

That would allow other teams in the East to have a chance.

However, it's also mentioned by writer Ryan Yousefi that having Dion Waiters and James Johnson on the roster is a major key to that plan. While it may look attractive for the Heat to go get someone of Gordon Hayward's stature in the league, Yousefi contends that keeping what the Heat had on their 30-11 run to nearly make the playoffs last season, is better.

That means Miami should look to simply build upon what they have. It also means they have to hope to find a diamond in the rough at the No. 14 spot in the upcoming NBA Draft. That takes place on June 22nd, and the Heat could possibly grab a small forward or power forward to help boost the lineup.