The Boston Celtics have pushed their way through to the Eastern Conference finals, but that may be not enough for the team. The Celtics President Danny Ainge might have plans of taking the franchise even further next year. The Celtics have been a strong team in the NBA, but what lies ahead will make the Celtics stronger to retain their position.

Danny Ainge has some potential players that would fetch him Paul George from the Indiana Pacers. Recently, the Celtics have stayed involved in trade talks for George, and they seem to be getting one step closer to acquiring him.

Paul George is a potential player and almost every team in the NBA would love to get their hands on him.

The Celtics might be interested in Gordon Hayward and Blake Griffin

Gordon Hayward and Blake Griffin are the top free agents in NBA, there have been rumors that the Celtics might have interest towards acquiring those two stars. Ainge’s bargain contract is believed to be his biggest weapon in building up a stronger team. According to Sports Illustrated, the Boston Celtics have a chance of assembling four big stars, which is Isaiah Thomas, Al Horford, Gordon Hayward and Blake Griffin.

Hayward and Griffin will be an added advantage for the team, and along with Thomas and Al Horford, they will form the big four and keep the team strong enough to push their way through.

Paul George on the other hand, will not be an easy task for the Celtics to obtain. The Indiana Pacers star has a keen interest to go to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Celtics will not risk top players for George and Hayward

Despite the fact that the Celtics want Paul George, they will not be ready to give up their top players just to acquire one star.

The Celtics is a strong team when all their players are combined. The team will not part with its top draft assets in a trade for George. After next season, George is believed to opt out of his contract and the Pacers have given an opportunity for teams to discuss further plans for him.

Reports state that George does not have a high trade value as his talent.

The Pacers will be ready to make a move when the time is right, and they are sure to expect something big in return for Paul George. As for the NBA free agents, they are not allowed to sign any contract until July 6.

The Pacers are reportedly waiting for the Boston Celtics to reveal their master plan. Accordingly, they will take further steps to trade George. At the end of the day, it still depends on the Pacers to make their move. However, they are said to make a move soon enough to get rid of George.