Future NBA Hall of Famer Dirk Nowitzki received another award to his illustrious career at the 2017 NBA Awards Night. In what seems to be an amazing career for Dirk Nowitzki, he adds another accomplishment to the long list of awards he has received. He is a Former NBA Most Valuable Player in 2007, Former Finals Most Valuable Player in 2011, a 13 time NBA All-Star, a 12 time All-NBA team selection. In his superb career, he has recorded 30,000 career points, 10,000 career rebounds, 3,000 career assists, and over 1,000 career blocks and steals, and he is currently the Dallas Maverick all-time stat leader in points, rebounds, field goals, and free throws.

With a resume like that, what more can you add?

NBA players and analyst choose Dirk Nowitzki for 'Teammate of the Year'

With all the big awards and recognition given in the NBA Awards show, from NBA Most Valuable Player to Rookie of the Year, one award given in the NBA awards show is special in itself because it affirms how good and selfless a player can be. Dirk Nowitzki was awarded the Twyman-Stokes Teammate of the Year.

The Dallas Mavericks All-Star has a great reputation not only in terms of stats but also in the locker room. Every player or ex-player of the Dallas Mavericks only have good things to say about Dirk Nowitzki, this shows just how good of a basketball player Dirk is inside and outside the court.

In his speech, Dirk joked around by saying "I'm pretty sure none of my teammates voted for me." Dirk also shared on how to be a good teammate and how he has achieved such a reputation, Dirk said "I joke a lot with them and we have a lot of fun. I just try to make them feel welcome and get the best out of them. I'm tough on the court at times but I'm just trying to get the best off of my teammates." Wrapping up his speech the future NBA Hall of Famer thanked his family and wife for allowing him to play in the NBA despite the constant travel and being away most of the times from home.

Dirk promises to play a couple more years in the NBA

As Dirk Nowitzki ended his speech he mentioned about hoping to play "for a couple more years." This is such great news for Dirk Nowitzki fans and at the same time for Dallas Mavericks fans. He also thanked his wife and family for letting him play a couple more years in the NBA, but Dallas/Dirk fan or not, seeing an incredible player like Dirk Nowitzki still have that passion and will to play in the most competitive basketball league in the world is beautiful in its self.