With talk of Green Bay trying to host the NFL Draft, as well as being a foundational city in the NFL, it is only fitting that the Packers should have some kind of exciting community-friendly venue. In the last few years, the team has started construction on something called the Titletown District, which will ultimately be a way to improve the Packers' fan experience and boost Green Bay's economy.

What will Titletown District have?

The Titletown District is going to be a major opening once it is completed. Located on the west side of Lambeau Field, the 34-acre area will act as the perfect spot for family-friendly pre-game festivities.

With restaurants and health centers, the area will also accommodate those that are looking for excitement prior to the Packers games.

According to Fox 11 News, there will be a tailgating area by the Hinterland Brewing Company. For those looking for a children's experience, the area reportedly will also be complete with a playground and football field and other attractions that cannot be found at other places around the region.

The rest of Titletown will act as a basic public park for fans or community members to stroll around or socialize. According to the Packers' website, there will be art to look at, snack bars, lodges, warming areas in the winter and "festive game day action."

The biggest component to all of this is how the area may transform into a winter wonderland as it starts getting colder.

The area is set to have ice skating ponds, rinks and potentially even skating trails for people to enjoy. There will also be sledding hills, the largest of which will be 60 feet. The tubes for sledding will be provided by the Green Bay Packers.

What are the newest updates?

Just recently the construction team finished pouring the cement for the sledding hills, as told by Fox News 11.

The sledding hills may be the most salient and attention-grabbing aspect of the whole project, especially when viewing it from afar.

Just recently the official logo for the project was also released. The logo will be plastered across the area once it is constructed and having a separate logo from that of the Packers will likely help the area with branding and marketing.

The team has poured a lot of effort into making the fan experience accessible, as Fox 11 News reports that the team has spent $65 million on the endeavor of the Titletown District. The first few aspects of the area should be ready by the Fall, likely in November.