NBA draft day has finally arrived. The amount of time spent waiting, or in certain cases suffering, is finally over. Tonight we will see where all the fresh NBA stars or busts are headed. With that being said, let's take a look at my final predictions of what team will take what prospect.

Picks 1-5

Just in case you missed it, Philadelphia traded up for the number one overall pick in the draft. Luckily, there is no guessing with this pick, as they have already announced their intention to take Markelle Fultz. It has been known for some time that they need a point guard, and this is seemingly the draft where they finally take one.

He is easily the number one overall pick tonight.

The Los Angeles Lakers have the second pick, and there is no guarantee of who they will take. However, almost all signs point towards Lonzo Ball, seeing as they traded away D'Angelo Russell to the Brooklyn Nets. With that being said, the need for a new guard is seemingly there. We also can't forget to mention Lavar Ball's antics. If you have missed those, he has essentially told all teams besides the Lakers not to pursue his son. So expect Ball at the two spot.

By switching with the Sixers, Celtics pick at the third spot. There is less of a guarantee with this pick. Although Josh Jackson is the best available, drafting a somewhat similar Jaylen Brown last year, it is doubtful they take the former Kansas forward.

One player that has quickly gained traction in relation to the Celtics is Jayson Tatum out of Duke. It is heavily projected that Tatum will be taken by the Celtics. But a quiet little sleeper pick is Jonathan Isaac out of Florida State. He is said to be more athletic than Tatum and seems like a player with a higher ceiling.

However, if they plan on taking Isaac, perhaps Ainge will trade down. Or perhaps the trade will be moved in a last-ditch effort to land a star, such as Paul George. This is hands down the most interesting pick of the night.

The fourth pick is not one with a heavy shadow of a doubt. If Josh Jackson is available, the Phoenix Suns will undoubtedly take him.

However, if Jackson is poached by an earlier team, perhaps Tatum will fall to the Suns. The Suns need a small forward desperately, and luckily a lot of talented small forwards are up for grabs this year. Don't expect them to take a PF after drafting Dragan Bender and Marquese Chriss last year. Also, don't expect them to trade this pick away unless it involves a move for Kristaps Porzingis; which seems unlikely as Devin Booker is the piece that would also need to be used, and the Suns have said it is off the table.

Sacramento, picking 5th, have basically laid out their intentions to draft De'Aaron Fox. They like what they see in Fox, and he isn't really linked with many other teams at this point.

Expect Fox to go to Sacramento, as he should still be on the board at this time.

Second half

After the excitement of the first five picks, we move into much cloudier territory. For the most part, the top five prospects look pretty talented, and at the very least role players in the NBA. Moving past the top five, you move into potential bust territory.

With the 6th pick in the draft, we have the Orlando Magic. They are projected to take Jonathan Isaac if still available, but with so many forwards on the roster such as the young and talented Aaron Gordon, I can't see them taking another one. Perhaps if they go with the "best available" mentality, but if Isaac isn't available, your plans fall through the floor.

In addition, they have a ton of shooting guards on the roster as well. So who do they take? Expect them to take a point guard, such as Dennis Smith Jr. out of NC State. Although they have Elfrid Payton, they need a reliable backup. Perhaps they go for broke and take Ntilikina, but my money is on Smith Jr.

Following the Magic, we have the Minnesota Timberwolves. Similar to the Magic, it is a young team with a lot of developing talents who have a seemingly bad record; so how can they improve next season? Lauri Markkanen sounds like a good fit to me. Although the Timberwolves have a lot of big men already, Markkanen will be able to spread the floor and gives them another guy that can put the ball in the basket; their biggest problem.

With all the trade rumors, it is tough to determine what the New York Knicks truly need. Therefore expect them to stretch for the player with the biggest potential. Someone like point guard Frank Ntilikina has been heavily linked with them, and with Derrick Rose possibly on the move, this could be the pick they end up making. Factor in the fact that Ntilikina is a make it or break it pick, and you can almost assure the Knicks will pull the trigger on this one.

Injury problems last season had the Dallas Mavericks signing a lot of undrafted rookies. Undrafted rookies who didn't perform too poorly, I might add. Therefore expect them to take the draft seriously this season. Unfortunately, there isn't much selection at this spot in the draft as far as versatility.

They are in the thick of a slew of shooting guards. They will probably take best available, which will most likely be Malik Monk at the time.

Rounding out the top 10 is Sacramento again. Given that Fox will fall to them in the 5th pick, expect them to take another big man, as they typically draft year after year. I expect them to stretch for John Collins out of Wake Forest. A power forward capable of putting the ball in the basket is a big man they are in need of after losing DeMarcus Cousins.

Draft tonight

Want to see if my picks are correct? Make sure to tune into the draft tonight at 7 PM EST on ESPN. In addition, no matter what team you support, good luck to them tonight!