NBA free agency season might be the best time of the entire year. Nothing like some heartbreaking moves, some monumental contracts, and of course a good jersey burning here and there on social media. Let's take a look at what free agents we can now file under finished business.

Gordon Hayward's decision

Gordon Hayward, former swingman of the Utah Jazz, has decided to take his talents to Boston next season. There was a bit of a mix-up, as ESPN announced it, but then his agent came out and said he was still deciding. However, Celtics fans can all take a deep breath, as he is officially joining the Boston Celtics.

Well, that is when they figure out this big problem called "finding cap space for his max deal." Per ESPN, a possible sign and trade is being worked out with the likes of Jae Crowder, but either way, Celtics fans, and players can't wait to get to work.

However, Hayward comes at more than the price of the likes of Jae Crowder, Avery Bradley, or Marcus Smart. The Celtics had to release the hold on Kelly Olynyk, and he has signed a $50 million dollar deal with the Miami Heat. He brings the range to the team in the form of a big man, which is invaluable today.

Denver in the news

Highly coveted free agent Danilo Gallinari has packed his bags for warmer weather.

In a three-team trade, he is headed from Denver to Los Angeles to link up with the Clippers. Gallinari averaged 18.2 points, 2.1 assists, and 5.2 rebounds last season - which is enough production to score him a $65 million dollar contract for three years.

Per the Vertical, the three team trade has Gallinari headed to the Clips, while the Atlanta Hawks receive Jamal Crawford, Diamond Stone, a 2018 first round pick, and cash.

The Nuggets will receive a second round pick from Atlanta, courtesy of the Washington Wizards. The Clippers made a great trade here, getting a very productive player with great range, at the right time in the current franchise state.

Although the Nuggets lose Gallinari, they were able to score big and sign another highly coveted free agent in Paul Millsap.

Millsap and the Nuggets came to terms on a three-year $90 million dollar contract. So Nuggets fans shouldn't be too upset because, despite the fact that he is older than Gallinari, he is still extremely productive and shows no signs of slowing down.

Staying golden

After signing Stephen Curry to a record-breaking contract, and bringing back Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston, the money seemed to be drying up fast in Golden State. However, it was announced that Kevin Durant would return on a two-year extension worth $53 million - which is around $9 million less than he could have received.

Ultimately Durant made the right move here. Not only does it benefit this team to stay together, and probably win another ring, but also for the sake of his career.

I never saw him leaving Golden State after seeing the way they molded this season. Unfortunately for other teams, Golden State looks like it will be just as deadly next season as the prior.

But not only have the Warriors signed Durant to an extension; they have added another deadly three-point shooter in Nick Young. In fact, the Warriors now boast a wild majority of the most talented shooters.

Also, not only is Nick Young joining the Warriors but so is Omri Casspi. The forward will receive the veteran's minimum to suit up for the Warriors, Per ESPN.

And after struggling for the past few seasons and moving between countless teams, I'm sure Casspi will be looking to find some success off the bench, and possibly even score himself some jewelry.

The important part here is that these signings could potentially spell out back-to-back for the Warriors.

Thunder retain Roberson and add new piece

The Oklahoma City Thunder and Andre Roberson have reached an agreement on a three-year $30 million dollar deal, per Adrian Wojnarowski. Clearly, the Oklahoma City Thunder value his defensive presence, and after bringing in Paul George, I guess they don't need another score-first player. However, if they plan on making a deep playoff run, they have to start a shooting guard that has some offensive capabilities.

With that being said, someone such as Patrick Patterson isn't the offensive juggernaut they need but is still capable of providing some offense. The Thunder have signed him to a three-year $16.4 million dollar deal, per the Vertical. He can provide sufficient scoring from deep, and will definitely fit in nicely at the power forward position after trading Sabonis.

Otto Porter Jr. heavily pursued

With many free agents off the board, teams are not messing around with those that are still available and show even the slightest glimmer of hope. The Brooklyn Nets have offered Otto Porter Jr. a maximum deal of $106 million over four years. This is the type of player the Nets really need to throw their cash out and hope to lure.

However the Washington Wizards have already announced their intention to match the offer sheet, so we should expect to see Otto Porter Jr. still in Washington next season.

But in addition to the Nets, the Kings have also offered Otto Porter Jr. the max deal. And that isn't the only player the Kings are pursuing.

Busy time over in Sacramento

The Sacramento Kings have signed up veterans George Hill and Zach Randolph. Trying to fill the void that DeMarcus Cousins left last season, but also the void that Rudy Gay will leave as well. Hill's new contract is $57 million for three years, while Randolph is signed up for two years worth $24 million. Not exactly sure these are the types of players that will take the Kings forward, but with many franchises leading names off the board, Sacramento may be looking at a trade.

With pieces coming in, Rudy Gay has decided to leave, and take his talents to San Antonio. He has signed a two-year deal worth $17 million. He is a nice piece to add to the Spurs, and the staff over there knows a thing or two about rotating the roster in order to avoid injuries; something that Gay will certainly need. I expect him to flourish more with the Spurs than the Kings.

Heat keep flourishing guard

Last season, Dion Waiters had a breakout year, taking the league by storm with his electric playstyle. Luckily the Heat were able to retain his services and sign him to a four-year contract worth $52 million, per ESPN. I'm sure the Heat are extremely pleased to keep their budding guard and build around him and Hassan Whiteside for the foreseeable future.

Bottom line

Almost all of the marquee names are off the board, but some sleeper picks who are capable of making a large impact are still on the board. NBA free agency surely isn't over yet, so make sure to check back here in order to catch the latest!