After being eliminated from the NBA Finals in early June the Cavaliers' front office has been working toward the future. The Cleveland organization is determined to obtain pieces that will create matchup problems for not only the teams sharing the same conference but for the league in its entirety. Although they were the best team in the Eastern Conference, they have set their eyes set on making moves that will elevate their chances of winning another NBA title.

With a roster full of stars, it's easy to be able to sit among other NBA owners and discuss business.

The sports world knows that the Cavs were not impressed with their big man play during the post-season and are looking for more ways to keep LeBron James healthy and happy. With an unlimited amount of talent being released into the free agent market, the Cavaliers have not been shy about acquiring new weapons for 2018.

Kevin gets no love

Players such as Kevin Love and Tristen Thompson are known to produce when they are healthy and are on a roll. Unfortunately, neither of them have been consistent. It is hard to market a big man in the NBA after he allows the opposing point guard to reach a double-digit rebound total. The two big men for Cleveland did not play well in the NBA Finals and teams across the league have not forgotten that fact.

In fact, the Pacers and the Bulls no longer want to engage in trade talks with the Cavs when it comes to their number one players that are up for grabs, Jimmy Butler and Paul George.

Both George and Butler would create match-up problems for any team if they joined LeBron but the chances of this are unlikely, due to the fact that Kevin Love has been underperforming.

Out of the 18 games he played during the post-season, Kevin Love was only able to shoot higher than 50% nine times. When one of your star player can only help your team win half of time that he is on the court, it's hard to market that player to other NBA teams.

What's next for Cleveland?

After losing in the NBA Finals 4-1 against the Warriors it would be foolish to sit stagnant during the NBA off-season.

It is a fact that the Cavaliers need to acquire help and they need to do it fast. Kyrie Irving and LeBron James cannot carry this Cleveland team past the Golden State Warriors, particularly now that they have Kevin Durant on their roster. If the Cavs want a shot at winning another championship, they need to find some help during the 2017 NBA off-season.