After making headlines saying that he was committed to playing for the Pacers this season, a Report from Adrian Wojnarowski says that Paul George has told the Pacers that he will leave in 2018. George has an opt-out clause for the 2018-2019 season, so he could look at making a change and join the Lakers, which he says is his preference to join in the report.

This could have huge implications in the upcoming weeks with the NBA draft looming. George has been under trade speculation for the last season, but could he be moved in the next weeks?

Count Celtics out as trade partner

The 76ers and the Celtics just made a trade in which the Celtics will receive multiple drafts for the No. 1 overall pick in which the 76ers will use to select Washington guard, Markelle Fultz. Now, with George reporting he wants to leave, Indiana should look for a trade partner; however, it won't be the Celtics. If what is said is true, and George wants to play for the Lakers, then it would be pointless to use the draft picks in a package to rent a player for the year.

The Celtics will more than likely make an even bigger run at the Chicago Bulls small forward, Jimmy Butler. The Celtics are already linked to being interested in Gordon Hayward, but the Celtics have an abundance of draft picks, while the Bulls do not.

Indiana doesn't want deja vu

Several years ago when the Utah Jazz had trade chips in Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap, the Jazz elected to keep their two big men and try and resign them. Ultimately, the Jazz did not receive anything for these two players, and they walked during free agency. The Pacers do not want to lose the face of their franchise for nothing.

Report loses leverage for Indiana

This report is no good news for the Pacers. If George is going to leave and go to the Lakers, then who would want to partner up for a trade? The Lakers can keep their draft pick, draft Lonzo Ball, and then sign George when he is a free agent next season.

LeBron James to Lakers rumors will intensify

There have been reports of James playing in a Laker uniform down the road. James, who is 32, wants to win championships. By that time, the Lakers will have a young core of Julius Randle, Brandon Ingram, and potentially Lonzo Ball. With George coming over, James could be even more interested in playing in LA. Who knows who else would come to play with James and the Lakers, but the team would surely need at least one more superstar player. Regardless, this will sting Pacers fans after George made public comments of saying this team was close to contending with Cleveland.