The Sacramento Kings have the 5th and 10th overall pick in the upcoming NBA draft. It appears that they are looking for a change and maybe they could move their way up to the first overall pick. If the team manages to do so, they will be trading up for Markelle Fultz. Rumor has it that the Sacramento Kings are trying to trade away the picks for DeAaron Fox and make way for Fultz.

It is not an easy task to push their way through to get the first overall pick, but apparently, Markelle Fultz will be going to work out for the team before the draft date.

Fultz has been a top NBA candidate for the draft, most of the fans believe that he will be settling with the Celtics because they have the first pick. According to the Christian Post, a report states that he could slip down the draft board and the Kings might have a way to persuade the Celtics to give up their first pick.

Will the Boston Celtics trade their first overall pick to the Kings?

The Boston Celtics have a great advantage having the first overall pick in the draft. There are chances that they might not give it up so easily, however, if the Sacramento Kings have a superstar down the line, they might consider trading their first overall pick. The Kings have more picks in the draft as well as youth players and acquiring Markelle Fultz might be a good asset for them.

The Sacramento Kings have two top picks plus they have potential players like Willie Cauley-Stein on their roster and Buddy Hield. Even if they consider trading these players, it still depends on the Boston Celtics if they are interested in them.

Carmelo Anthony to Cleveland Cavaliers?

There have been talks about Carmelo Anthony moving out from New York Knicks.

Anthony has been one of the top players on the team, moving him out from the Knicks will be giving out one of their best players. On the other hand, Anthony also has an advantage with the no-trade clause including the $54 million resting on his deal. Apparently, Phil Jackson suggested that a buyout for Anthony is not an option.

Carmelo Anthony will be a great upgrade if he moves out from the New York Knicks. If only the Cavs try to dish out a deal with the Knicks for Anthony, he would be a perfect upgrade from them.

As for the draft date, Markelle Fultz has a high possibility to settle with the Boston Celtics, and Lonzo Ball might land up with the Los Angeles Lakers. The Sacramento Kings and Cleveland Cavaliers have their options opened at the moment and June 22, will be the day that everyone gets to decide.