Florida State hasn't been known as a basketball school until Jonathan Isaac came around. Isaac helped bring FSU into a category in the top-25 in the country for most of the season.

Florida State gained a lot of exposure because of the long, athletic wing. Isaac brings a lot of tools to the NBA and whichever teams grab him is getting a potential superstar.

Height: 6'10"

Weight: 210 pounds

College averages: 12 ppg, 7.8 RPG, 1.2 APG


Jonathan Isaac comes into this draft with a plethora of offensive capabilities. He can knock down the three, can maneuver around defenders, and he can play in isolation or pick and pop.

With a reach of 7'1", Isaac can get his shot off whenever he wants and can finish around the rim well.

A huge strength for Isaac is his ability to play the 3 and the 4. He can play outside on the wing or post up a smaller forward. For the NBA, Isaac will be useful in small ball compositions where his length and athleticism will stand out. Isaac gets compared to Kevin Durant constantly for their skinny yet lengthy build. Isaac isn't as fluid on offense at this stage that KD was, but he shows a lot of promise into that same realm of a basketball player.


Isaac has a few shortcomings, but are also strengths. One of the main advantages that Isaac has is his upside. This comes with a huge risk and a possible weakness as well.

Even with his build, he wasn't a great on-ball defender, and he struggled at times offensively. Since he doesn't have a ton of strength in his upper body, Jonathan can get bullied a bit by smaller, yet stronger wings.

He's going to have to learn how to maneuver his body in the league to get around guys and to get calls to get him to the free throw line.

Another weakness is that since he's a guy who can play the 4, he struggles down low against other power forwards.

He'll give you a lot of spacing on offense with his ability to shoot, but having to defend other power forwards could come quite challenging for him. He's not a bruiser at all. Instead, he's got a lot more finesse to him.

This is something he'll need to work through, and teams will have to work through when playing him.

Isaac is such an upside pick that any team who get him in the top 5-7 could be getting a solid player. He'd be best suited on a team that he doesn't have to carry the load.

The 76ers would be a nice landing spot for Isaac or even someone like the Kings. Isaac will play well for a team who has a guy who can distribute, taking that weight off his shoulders coming into the NBA.