You do not have to be a lover of sports to notice that America has been between a rock and hard spot during the last couple of years. After the shooting of many African-American men such as Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown and Alton Sterling, many African-American communities refuse to remain silent when relates to the treatment of people of color. When former United States President Barrack Obama left the White House and welcomed President Donald Trump, Americans were optimistic about the promised changes the new President was determined to bring forth.

After his first one hundred days in office, many citizens were shocked that many of the promises that President Trump made to secure votes were not being put into action.

Gates cannot stop the community

On Wednesday, a racial slur was painted on the gates of the James estate. After management covered the hateful words up the Los Angeles Police Department arrived on the scene. Although the words were already covered, the police department believed that the incident could be categorized as a hate crime. This incident happened on the eve of the NBA Finals, and LeBron James was not happy. It is never good news when you hear that the things you have worked hard for have been tampered with due to the ignorance of someone else.

When LeBron faced the media to discuss the events that happened Wednesday morning it was clear that he wanted to chose his words carefully. LeBron is not only the face of his family, but he is also one of the faces of the African-American community -- as well as the NBA and the Cleveland Cavaliers organization. When LeBron was asked about the unfortunate events he responded with class.

LeBron expressed to the media that currency and economic status does not exempt you from the reality of the world. Racism does exist and it has existed for hundreds of years.

Finals, but it is not over

The incident that transpired on Wednesday will now have many Americans tuned in to the NBA Finals that start Thursday night.

LeBron and company will be taking on the Golden State Warriors, a team that has not received a loss during the 2017 post-season. James is currently averaging 32.5 points per game this post-season and will use this event to add fuel to his fire. Although fans plan on watching the Cleveland Cavaliers on Thursday night, all eyes will be on number 23. Hopefully LeBron will remain focused as he attempts to capture another NBA title.