Buffalo Bills running back Lesean Mccoy isn't afraid to speak his mind or take bold chances. It's part of the reason why Chip Kelly traded him, but the Bills have been benefactors of his outspoken personality. Now the running back has taken another bold stance, betting $200,000 on the NBA Finals.

NBA Finals LeSean McCoy's Bet.

McCoy bet exactly $200,000 on the Warriors to win. The payout for the bet, if the Warriors do win the series, is $262,500. That means McCoy is risking 200K to win $62,500. He is clearly very confident in the Warriors. And if you go to LeSean McCoy's Snapchat, you can see him placing down the cash and chips for his rather ridiculous bet.

We can't all be NFL players with enough money to risk $200,000 on a NBA bet, but we can certainly have fun watching someone else do it.

Now Bills fans will have to hope that LeSean McCoy wins his bet and ends up with even more cash in his pockets.

NBA Finals Odds.

The Warriors opened as huge favorites prior to the start of the season and are large favorites in this series as well. Not many are giving LeBron James and the Cavaliers much of a chance. In game one, the Cavaliers were seven point underdogs and the spread will likely be at least that high in game 2. In Cleveland, it will be a different story, but the Warriors may even remain as the favorites.

Contributing factors include the Warriors depth and the additional presence of Kevin Durant, who adds another dimension to Golden State.

Although James has a big three, he does not have the quality bench help that is aiding Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green. These are likely factors that convinced Shady McCoy to place such a large bet on the Warriors for the NBA Finals.

LeSean McCoy's Snapchat.

If you weren't following LeSean McCoy on Snapchat before, you should now.

The Bills star has no issues with sharing portions of his life and of his adorable children. It's fun to watch both his family and ridiculous stunts like this bet on the Golden State Warriors. The Buffalo Bills running back has also been a presence in the Buffalo community, and it's hard not to root for such a good guy who played so well for the Bills last year.

McCoy finished the 2016 season with 1,267 rushing yards and 13 rushing touchdowns, one of his best seasons ever. He was one of the best players in the NFL in 2016, and was certainly the best player on the Buffalo Bills. Now fans hope that he will have a repeat performance in 2017 with no injuries. A won bet on the Warriors certainly wouldn't hurt.