Tony Romo retired from the NFL in what many felt was a move to make an early jump to TV broadcasting. He is tailor-made for the job, something most retiring athletes end up doing.

At 37, there are still some who believe Romo can still play a year or two in the NFL. He opted for retirement thanks to the Dallas Cowboys brushing off potential trades – meaning he would most likely end up playing backup to Dak Prescott. Being the starting quarterback for the Cowboys throughout his career, it was a predicament that didn’t suit him.

Tony Romo may eventually suit up

Romo did get his release from the Cowboys when he retired, something seen as a gentleman’s agreement. With money involved, the veteran quarterback opted to wrap up his career abruptly and become a color analyst.

However, critics believe that Romo could decide to play NFL ball once again if the itch becomes unbearable. It could happen somewhere this coming season – calling to mind how NBA veterans sign up with playoff-bound teams to get a chance to win an NBA ring. Could this be the case for the 37-year-old?

Before his decision to join CBS, Romo had several teams interested in his services. Those could crop up once more this season, though the Cowboys could be in the running as well.

In fact, some have gone as far as to look at Dallas right now, singling out outrageous yet sensible facts.

Romo's uniform and locker are still available

Tony Romo’s no. 9 is still available, meaning anyone can still sport it moving forward. That would include the veteran quarterback should he for some reason decide to play pro football once more.

The other is the fact that his locker remains the same, leading some to speculate that he could be using it once more next season. The two jabs are a bit off sync but nevertheless a possibility. Either way, speculating would not hurt though the chances of them happening should be taken with a grain of salt.

Looking ahead, the only person who can decide if he still wants to play ball is Romo.

He left the game somewhat unceremoniously. Most were under the impression that he would take a starting quarterback role with other teams before the Cowboys backed him in a corner.

If he ever does return, that could be one of his conditions. The chances of that may be rocky considering his level of conditioning will be in question. And if he does come in midway, teams would be taking a big risk on him in case one of the regular starters go down due to injury.