Its been hard to deny this has been one of the most boring NBA Playoffs in recent memory, seemingly lasting forever. Heading into the season, we all thought we were heading into a rubber match between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Now, we're just two more wins away from these two teams not only heading to the Finals, but blowing out the competition along the way. It may not be best for the NBA, but it's too late to stop that. Taking candy from a baby sounds harder than whatever this was. We all may be bored, but there's one man who's thrilled with the way things are breaking down: Warriors owner Joe Lacob.

Why the Warriors' owner wants Cleveland

Golden State gets the chance to relax for a few days as they completed their sweep of the San Antonio Spurs to give them a gleaming 12-0 record in the playoffs. Since they were first in the race to the NBA Finals, they got to answer the question of who they would rather face in the NBA Finals. For Lacob, it was a no-brainer.

In a strange way, it completely makes sense. Normally, no matter what people are saying out loud, they want the easier opponent. The Cavs have almost been as dominant as Golden State, sitting at a 10-1 record in the playoffs with just two more wins separating them from a third straight finals, which is exactly what Lacob wants.

Instead of mowing down Boston, Lacob would rather the Warriors justify the fact that they're one of the greatest team to ever be assembled.

Is it a little bit too early to say that? The one thing that kept them from the chance at a three-peat is that little tiny 3-1 lead that vanished. You may have heard of it. The fact that Lacob is calling it "unfinished business" means that their third bout may be the best one yet.

Why the third matchup will revitalize the playoffs

Look, it's obvious why these playoffs have been boring. It isn't just because Golden State and Cleveland made it extremely obvious who was going to end up in the last dance taking place in June. It's the fact that they've been blowing teams out of the water, which makes it even more boring and predictable.

Let's look past that now. Now, we can at least have two teams who might be able to contain each other. The unstoppable force meets the immovable object. LeBron is arguably playing the best basketball of his career, while the Warriors are absolutely destroying every single team foolish enough to even show up. Lacob is right. Bring us the rubber match.