After a very rough round with the Golden State Warriors, especially if you are a Cleveland Cavaliers' fan, #LeBron James is showing signs of disappointment with his Team. The disappointment, this time though, seems to be more with the front office instead of his team. Since news broke of the release of general manager David Griffin, fans and players alike have been upset.

While the Cavaliers performance in the NBA playoffs was lackluster and seemingly a different team than we saw in the postseason last year, Griffin's dismissal came as a shock to the NBA world.

While James has had his share of haters, he has proven time and time again that he is a player whose heart is in the game.

James biggest issue with Griffin's dismissal

While the talk of NBA trades is in the air, Cleveland's staff showed they were eager to mage some changes across the board. It was apparent from comments made to the media that LeBron James and David Griffin had a special relationship and James had a lot of respect for his general manager. James has expressed both hurt and anger over not being included in the decision to let Griffin go.

While many may argue that LeBron James is a player and that was a decision that should have been made by the front office, many feel that the team (and especially the team leader) should have been given a chance to voice an opinion before the decision was made.

King James even took to Twitter to show his disgust with the decision and show his loyalty to Griffin. The open general manager position brings uncertainty to the future of the team by the way of new players and trades. Griffin showed determination to keep LeBron James, Kevin Love, and Kyrie Irving together. Now there is a chance that the Cavaliers could trade of any of these three power players.

Does a trade mean an end to Cleveland's star power?

There are plenty of NBA rumors floating around that LeBron James will ask for a trade, and some are even suggesting a return to Miami. While James has not spoken out outright about leaving his beloved Cleveland, Kyrie Irving has already stated to sources that he will be considering trade options if James chooses to leave Cleveland.

Irving has already shown interested in the Chicago Bulls, but their lack of funds might bring another team into Irving's options. There are some heavy rumors that James might be interested in the Los Angeles Lakers. His wife has shown interest in moving to California and James has been known for his support of all things Lakers. James is also known for being attracted to teams with a strong marketing presence, and the Lakers definitely have that.

LeBron has also shown interest in the Los Angeles Clippers. Cavaliers fans have to wonder why James would leave his home again. This trio of players breaking up could spell disaster for the Cleveland Cavaliers.