Wow! Who else is still in shock over Tuesday night's series finale of Pretty Little Liars? Spoiler Alert: We're going to talk about what happened, so if you sadly have yet to see it yet, you have been warned. The episode started in true PLL fashion: with confusion. That time jump threw Fans for a loop for a minute. When we found out Emily and Allison had twins (yay!) we should have caught on to the twin theme. After all, if you read the books, you will remember that it all ended with Allison having an evil twin. Most fans never considered this for the finale though, based on all of the awesome fans theories that were floating around.

It was the evil twin

How could "Pretty Little Liars" be any more genius? An Evil Twin is the most expected and unexpected solution to A.D. We found out the Spencer had an evil twin named Alex Drake (aka A.D.). Troian Bellisario showcased her talent by playing two different people! Apparently, Mary had two babies the night Spencer's parents came to get her from Radley. Of course, Wren manages to find Alex working in a bar. Alex's adoption to a wealthy English family resulted in a rough childhood in England.

What is it with Wren and the Hastings/Drake girls? He falls for Alex (Wren must has a type) and tells her about Spencer. Alex sees an opportunity to have a new life. After meeting Charlotte, Alex becomes obsessed with being Charlotte's sister and have Spencer's life.

Wren helps Alex become like Spencer in every way (right down to the gunshot wound).

Many fans were hurt that A.D. was not someone we already knew, but technically we did. Alex had been coming in and out of the liars and Toby's lives as Spencer without them even noticing the difference. We all know what happens every A character, Alex becomes power hungry.

When Charlotte is killed, Alex decides to avenge her sister's death and make the liars pay. She event decides she would rather have Toby over Wren.? So if you thought Wren was always involved in the grand scheme of things, you were correct. Many people had Wren pegged as a suspect. If you never thought he would die, you were wrong.

Alex disposes of Wren and has his ashes pressed into an eternity stone that she wears around her neck. Diamonds are a girl's best friend, right?

We found out everything, right?

While we certainly did find out the end to the story, fans can't decide if they really know everything. There was a lot that was uncovered, and even some secrets were quietly revealed. For example, Alex (as Spencer) revealed only to one of Allison's babies that Wren was her father because "she knew he would make beautiful babies". Who thinks Wren knew about that?

We saw Aria and Ezra get married on the second try: Alex stole Ezra before the first wedding when he discovered she really wasn't Spencer. Mona won the game and helped rescue Spencer and Ezra from Alex's bunker.

Jena (fans can't get over that she was actually not more involved in A.D.) discovered who Alex was first and clued Toby in. Apparently being blind caused her to have a very strong sense of smell. So that's how she could tell which liar was which! Toby chose the real Spencer after a battle of "no I'm the real Spencer", and they ended up together.

Hannah and Caleb ended up sharing the news that they were having a baby. Allison and Emily are planning their wedding. It seems like everyone ended up so happy. Mona even got to keep Alex and Mary as her dolls (ok that part was creepy even for Mona). Everyone got a happily ever after! All the loose ends and pawns of A were defined. The only part that was upsetting to fans was the ending where one of the young high school girls went missing in true episode one fashion. Can't we just let that end already? Whether you loved or hated it, it was a shocker and a great way to end seven years of lies and obsession.