New NBA rumors involving "The king" LeBron James have popped up as of Thursday, with regards to where his next NBA team might be. With his Cleveland Cavaliers one game away from being swept in the NBA Finals by Golden State, it may have LeBron searching for answers. In the past, that involved finding a new place to play, such as South Beach, in order to unite with more All-Star players. Now there is a report that the Los Angeles Lakers or Clippers could possibly be in play for LeBron's next team.

Why LeBron may leave

A report from The Ringer's Kevin Collins is making the latest headlines as it gives some hope to Los Angeles fans that LeBron James will suit up.

It could be as a member of the Clippers, or the struggling Lakers. With the Lakers having the No. 2 pick, they're expected to go after one of the top prospects in Lonzo Ball.

The current Lakers team also has young talented potential stars in D'Angelo Russell, Brandon Ingram, and Julius Randle. There's even talk in The Ringer report about Magic bringing Paul George into the mix, and then the "fantasy idea" of adding LeBron to the roster. Imagine how much of a buzz the Staples Center would have.

The Clippers already have a guy LeBron is familiar with in Chris Paul, as well as All-Stars Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan.

One would think that this team, which already has shown the ability to make the playoffs and has multiple All-Star players is an ideal spot for James to go. It's mentioned in Collins' report that LeBron had talked about the idea of Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Paul, all possibly playing together for one team. Could that team be the Clippers?

Both ideas seem like pure fantasy at the moment, but then again, how many people believed LeBron was going to return to Cleveland after leaving for Miami? Keep in mind, he's also got a home just 30 minutes away from the Staples Center, home of both Los Angeles teams.

Why LeBron will stay

As FS1's Chris Broussard said during a recent episode of "Undisputed," he believes that LeBron James will finish his career out in Cleveland.

However, that may mean that he'll ask the Cavaliers organization for more help. It's become clear that Golden State was able to solve their issues by adding a fourth All-Star in Kevin Durant. Cleveland has three right now, although four if one counts Kyle Korver's appearance in the All-Star game a few seasons back.

With that said, Broussard thinks Cleveland needs to go after Indiana Pacers forward Paul George and maybe even trade Kevin Love for him. By adding George to the roster, it gives the Cavs that fourth All-Star player who could help them try to overcome the matchup and scoring issues they have with Golden State. George would provide more of a playmaker, defender, and scorer than Love and seems like a smart gamble to take at this point.

Of course, LeBron may also decide to embrace the challenge of trying to overcome this nemesis with the roster the Cavs already have, although that remains to be seen. There's also that 3-1 comeback still in everyone's minds, except maybe the Warriors.