If you are a fan of "Teen Mom" or any MTV reality show, you were in for a treat last night. "Teen Mom 2" aired a new season last night and added a new face to the group. The drama, though, seemed to be the same drama that plagues every season. With four pregnancies, this season appears to be a bumpy road for the moms. Kailyn, Jenelle, Chelsea, and Leah were joined by Briana, who you might remember had a short-lived spotlight in the not-so-popular "Teen Mom 3" that aired for a short amount of time.

Boy and babies still the topics of drama

While everyone seems to have man trouble, these girls seem to be engulfed in a whirlwind of baby daddies and boyfriends who are up to no good.

We were brought up to speed on each girl last night and shown a glimpse of a new season that appears to be as juicy as always.

Chelsea seems to be the mom that has it all together. She has a beautiful daughter and a perfect husband. We also got to see her become a mom again last night so congrats to Chelsea and Cole on their son. Cole seems to be a great dad and is very much there for his girls. We also got to see Chelsea execute an adorable baby shower that was centered around diapers and beer. This mom is full of cute ideas. Unfortunately, it looks like Adam, father to Chelsea's daughter, is going down a dark road and will be causing issues for the happy family. Luckily, Cole is a great dad who is willing to step up to the plate for his family.

"Teen Mom 2" star Kailyn does not seem to be as happy as her co-star Chelsea. We saw Kailyn and Javi officially get divorced last night....and were they happy? Both seemed to be relieved to have that stress taken care of. Kailyn's two boys, though, seem less than thrilled. The boys are very lucky to have two great men in their lives, but their mom seems to not want to hang on to either of them.

When the show started, Kailyn and Javi seemed to be getting along and showing signs that they were co-parenting with success. Fans thought this would have meant the divorce was off, but we saw that this was not the case. While it has not been revealed on the show yet, fans know that Kailyn is now pregnant...by who? We have yet to find out.

We also shed a few tears with Javi last night when it was revealed that he might have to be deployed again.

New mom and new drama

We were re-introduced to Briana last night. The good news? It looks like her baby daddy is out of her life now. The bad news? She has a new one. Briana is pregnant and it looks like this one is bad news too. While Briana seems happy and is getting full support from her family, the new man in her life seems to have an eye for other women. We'll have to see how this one plays out.

Leah is a teen mom star with a lot on her plate. While dealing with two exes and three daughters, she has decided to go to college as well. Leah is the only mom on the show that is not pregnant right now, that we know of.

This will definitely be in her favor. Leah has her hands full raising twins and one has muscular dystrophy. Her youngest daughter is also having withdrawals that she does not get to see her dad like her sisters do. It looks like Leah and Corey are successfully co-parenting, though, so that's something going good for Leah. She's also taking a huge step by starting college this season.

Last but no least, we have Jenelle. This mom seems to have enough drama for everyone. If she isn't fighting with her boyfriend, she's fighting with her mom. She is currently in a custody battle with her mom to get her oldest son back, who she gave up when she had him at 16. She also has another son with a different ex, and is now pregnant with a daughter.

Jenelle addressed rumors via social media to prove she wasn't pregnant again after having her daughter with her current fiance. While she has not had the baby yet on the show, previews show this happening as well as a proposal. Last night seemed to be anything but happy for the couple, though, as they fought the entire episode about moving issues. Jenelle was pregnant with her daughter as the season started, and moving and dealing with a toddler seemed to be the last thing the reality start wanted to do. The road seems to get smoother for the couple, according to previews into the new season.

Whether you love the show or hate it, it looks like it's going to be one mother of a season for these moms.