Fresh #Paul George trade rumors link him to the #Houston Rockets. The Rockets want to trade for Paul in order to make him the starting small forward and to also make a huge move in the Western Conference standings. It may be surprising to NBA fans that the Rockets want to add George during the same NBA offseason that the team traded for Chris Paul, but the front office is intent on giving the Golden State Warriors a real challenge for the title.

Earlier on Wednesday (June 28), it was confirmed that the Los Angeles Clippers will trade Chris Paul to the Houston Rockets.

In exchange for Paul, the Rockets give up Patrick Beverley, Sam Dekker, Lou Williams, Montrezl Harrell, and a 2018 first-round pick. It may seem like an expensive deal on paper, but the Rockets aren't giving up any players who would play an important role with the team during the 2017-18 NBA season.

Why would the Indiana Pacers trade Paul George?

Many of the recent Paul George trade rumors surfaced after the All-Star small forward made it known that he would be leaving the Indiana Pacers after the upcoming NBA season. A number of NBA teams showed immediate interest in acquiring him, including the New York Knicks, Boston Celtics, and Portland Trail Blazers. Now the Houston Rockets are making a concerted effort to land George as soon as possible.

The Pacers will be looking for a package of players and picks that will help the franchise in a rebuilding effort. It's unclear exactly what has already been offered by teams like the Boston Celtics, but it is assumed that team president Danny Ainge also has his sights set on signing either Blake Griffin or Gordon Hayward in free agency.

That might take away some of the money that could be used in a contract extension for Paul George. The Celtics also aren't the only team trying to sign Hayward.

What can the Houston Rockets offer in Paul George trade?

It is presumed that Eric Gordon would be a key player in any negotiations for a Paul George trade with the Indiana Pacers.

Gordon is from Indianapolis and could immediately give the Pacers a boost on offense. He also just won the Sixth Man of the Year Award in the NBA, but by himself would certainly not be enough to convince the Pacers to part with George. Future draft picks and possibly even a third team might be necessary for this deal.

Houston Rockets fans have to be pleased that the front office is pulling out all the stops to improve the team during this NBA offseason. Acquiring Chris Paul from the Los Angeles Clippers was already a bold move for the franchise, but it would be a huge steal if they could somehow find a way to also land Paul George. It likely won't take place, but it never hurts for Rockets fans to dream about what a lineup of James Harden, Paul George, and Chris Paul could do on offense.