Current WWE "Raw" General Manager Kurt Angle has been part of a mysterious texting story over the past few weeks on the Monday night show. That particular plot has fans wondering who might be involved and what will end up happening once it plays out.

Now it's looking like there are new WWE rumors suggesting that it will mean the Hall of Famer makes a return to the wrestling ring to face another legend. Here's the latest on Kurt Angle possibly wrestling in a return match at the WWE "SummerSlam" 2017 pay-per-view in a few months.

Huge 'SummerSlam' match?

As reported a day ago by Wrestling Rumors, it's looking like Kurt Angle will ditch the GM business suit and wear his wrestling attire once again. The latest report indicates that Angle will go toe-to-toe with none other than "The Game" Triple H in a battle between the two legendary competitors. These two haven't crossed paths a tremendous amount during their careers, as Angle was mostly involved in feuds with Brock Lesnar, Chris Benoit, and Big Show, among other talents.

For Triple H, it would make for his second match of the year. Back in April, "The Game" took on Seth Rollins at "WrestleMania 33." HHH lost that match after Rollins bumped Hunter against the ropes, causing his wife Stephanie to fall off the apron crashing through a table on the outside floor.

Since then, neither Stephanie nor her husband, have been a part of any of the WWE programming.

The duo was considered The Authority running "Monday Night Raw" at one point which is what's setting up the speculation for Angle to face Hunter at the big PPV. Many fans believe the mysterious texts or information that Angle keeps receiving on the phone is somehow connected with Stephanie and her husband.

Other matches?

There really haven't been any matches announced for the upcoming "SummerSlam" PPV, but some more speculation has popped up involving Brock Lesnar. There's a possibility that Lesnar will take on Braun Strowman at the event this coming August in Brooklyn.

In addition to that, one has to think that most of the titles will be defended during the PPV which features both the WWE "Raw" and "SmackDown Live" rosters.

As far as who the champions are heading into the event is another story.

Most likely, WWE will have a good number of major stars as part of this huge pay-per-view card including John Cena who returns in July, as well as Roman Reigns, and of course, the two legends, HHH and Kurt Angle.