Isiah Thomas shocked the basketball world with his dominating performances and passion to the sport. He quickly became a symbol of hope for every fan of the Boston Celtics. A guy who is 5 ft. 9 in height, but is able to put up massive numbers on his name is just plain awesome. Moreover, he single-handedly led his team to the Eastern Conference finals last season; though they were unfortunately defeated by LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Funny to think how rumors about Isiah Thomas claim that the team’s front office wants to trade him.

If this is true, it would be a shame considering how valuable he has become. The All-Star player is speculated to be on the brink of getting traded, as the Celtics try to improve their roster. (Well, are they?).

Why Boston should keep him

This is actually a silly question to ask in the first place, as the answer is loud and clear: the Boston Celtics need to keep the guy. They do not want to close their doors to a player who, after two seasons, has become an All-Star and proved to be a scoring machine. This move could go down in history as the silliest, so to speak.

What people try to forget is that Isiah Thomas gave his team consistent offense. There were no nights when he just cannot score. For two years, he became a producer when the team had nothing close to Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnet and Ray Allen.

Sure, the Big Three are irreplaceable, but so is Thomas. If the front office is in a position to get an offer out of Kevin Durant and/or Kyrie Irving, sure it might be something they can sit down and decide. But if it is about having to sign the guy off to pursue draft picks or other small time free agents, then they better think twice.

What the front office could do for Isiah Thomas

It has happened in the NBA, time after time, that organizations sometimes fail to build talent around a promising player. DeMarcus Cousins, for instance, had a rough time with the Sacramento Kings. Although he is capable of scoring massive points, he is nothing compared to a squad filled with big threes.

Then there is Kevin Love during his time at Minnesota. Unfortunately for him, Ricky Rubio got injured. But then again, the point here is that these key players have no significant talents around them.

The Boston Celtics need not to do moves like what Miami Heat did in bringing LeBron James and Chris Bosh to Dwayne Wade’s county. They can start building by making Isiah Thomas a franchise player; make him a symbol just like what they did with Pierce. Let him do his job, as he has shown great potentials. He is not even in his prime, but he already works like one. To build a talent around him, it would be best to acquire free agents and/or draft picks that can ensure a better franchise in the future. One perfect example here is the Utah Jazz. They do not have any superstar players around them, but the management, in one way or another, has found a way to make them lethal on the court.