The Golden State Warriors are coming off their latest NBA Championship victory thanks to newcomer Kevin Durant and his NBA Finals MVP performance. However, just because Durant became their new superstar it doesn’t mean that the Warriors plan on losing the heart and soul of their franchise. According to team owner Joe Lacob, Golden State will do everything it takes to make sure that Steph Curry remains with the Warriors for years to come.

Steph Curry’s contract

Steph Curry is now eligible for a five-year, $205 million contract extension this offseason.

When asked if the Golden State Warriors would meet that price point, Lacob said that he will do whatever it takes to keep Curry in Golden State, meaning that he will almost surely get that big money contract. It also helps that Kevin Durant took a lower contract than he could have accepted in order to make it easier for him to win an NBA Championship in Golden State.

Joe Lacob said that he has no worries at all about Steph Curry leaving the Golden State Warriors. The good news for Warriors fans is that Curry doesn’t seem to want to leave either, saying he doesn’t see himself playing for any other franchise in the NBA. Of course, Kevin Durant once said that about the Oklahoma City Thunder, so players will lie to the media and fans, but with two NBA Championships in three seasons and a runner-up in the other makes it seem like Steph has nowhere else that would seem a smart choice.

The 2017-18 Golden State Warriors

It doesn’t sound like Kevin Durant will leave the Golden State Warriors either. After years of the Oklahoma City Thunder wanting Durant to be the leader and face of their franchise, it seems easier to just be one of four All-Stars and not have to assume any kind of leadership role for KD in Golden State.

Durant can opt out of his contract this offseason but he actually said he wants to stay and made an even bigger announcement.

Kevin Durant said that he would take even less money than the maximum veterans contract extension could nab if it means the Warriors could keep all their All-Stars and not lose anyone. That is a great way to help the Warriors afford Steph Curry and not have to pay too much, if any, luxury tax, and would keep this super team together for even more NBA Finals runs in the future.

Steph Curry averaged 25.3 points a game in the regular season and 29.1 points a game in the playoffs. Kevin Durant averaged 25.1 points on the regular season and 28.5 points a game in the playoffs. The Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in five games for the 2016-17 NBA Championship.