The NBA season has been pretty exciting throughout the year. Although, the playoffs hold a different experience, a lackluster and boring one to say the least. Viewers are not getting close games won by a couple of points, rather by double digits. At times, some series in the postseason have been exciting, but two teams specifically have been dominating: the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers.

The main question to be asked is if this dominance by only two teams is good for the NBA? Have both of these teams taken exciting action away from the game or should it be viewed in another light?

Or should viewers just look at the dominance as pure beauty?

Too easy for the Cavaliers

The Cavaliers have been playing exceptionally well and show no signs of slowing down. What the viewers are seeing from this team is incomprehensible and somewhat majestic. The team has a perfect 10 and 0 record, dominating many different opponents in the playoffs. They completed sweeps against the Pacers, Raptors, and most likely currently, the Celtics. Why would they not, having the best player in the world leading them.

Injuries assisting both teams

Other teams in the playoffs have had devastating injuries causing less competition in the NBA playoffs. This is one reason for both the Cavs and Warriors dominance of other teams, but not all.

The Warriors and Cavaliers are both amazing teams, but it is difficult to see other injuries on the opposing team not playing a role in the dominance.

One injury that has had an effect on the Warriors clear advantage is Kawhi Leonard of the Spurs. When Leonard was in the lineup, he was great at putting pressure on the defense and shooting at a high clip.

The Spurs were up by about 25 points with Kawhi playing and then with him out with the ankle injury, they ended up losing the game. He is a great two-way player and in the chase for MVP. The team loses great defense and offense with him out of the lineup.

Another injury that has played a role to the Cavaliers advantage is Isaiah Thomas's injury.

He is out of the postseason with a right hip injury. This is devastating to the organization because the Celtics stand absolutely no chance without their star against a powerful Cavaliers team. They need Thomas's scoring to even stand a chance and it is obvious with him out that they stand no chance now more than ever.

Too easy as well for the Warriors

The Golden State Warriors have had an easy path to the Finals as well. They are a perfect 11 and 0 in the postseason and are absolutely dominating teams for the most part. They have the highest point differential in the playoffs. Their defense is playing very well behind Draymond Green. Scoring is no issue for them and they are continuing to get even better.

Kevin Durant going to this team made the NBA less exciting and ultimately destroyed the power structure of the league. He chose to go to an already power ruling team with recent playoff experience.

A Finals rematch

It is highly likely that there will be another Cavs and Warriors Finals rematch. It would be the third straight Finals appearance by these two amazing teams. Even though the playoffs have been boring for the most part, the Cavs and Warriors match up will be very entertaining. LeBron James and Kevin Durant will face off for the trophy. It will be everything that viewers have been waiting for, filled with plenty of headlines and great action.

We will have to wait and see if the king can pull off another upset and be the hero of his team once again. Or if the Warriors with a stellar and explosive lineup can win. We are in for an exciting finals matchup.