The Buffalo Bills’ quarterback woes have been ongoing for 17 years. Every offseason, the Bills’ organization releases a similar statement- there will be a quarterback competition.

Despite Buffalo restructuring Tyrod Taylor’s contact this past March, 2017 could be another quarterback competition season. The team’s drafting of Pittsburgh Panthers’ Nate Peterman in the fifth round is creating some buzz.

Is Peterman good enough to snag the passing job from Taylor? Here is what Peterman has going in his favor.

Stellar passing yards and touchdowns

Despite falling on the draft board this year, Peterman’s numbers have been solid and impressive.

In two years with the Panthers, Peterman has passed for 5, 236 yards and 47 touchdowns. Like Tyrod Taylor, Peterman’s interception rate is low at 15 for both years. That shows a good touchdown and interception ratio that demonstrates stellar ball protection.

Peterman has shuffled around a bit and has played in three offensive schemes. This type of experience makes it easy to fit the quarterback into a variety of offenses. The Buffalo Bills reliance on a running game can make a transition into the NFL easier for Peterman.s

One of his criticisms has been his lack of arm strength. This is where Tyrod Taylor and Cardale Jones excel. They both possess gunslinger arms. Taylor also excels at airing the deep ball.

However, in terms of accuracy and getting the ball to where it needs to go, Peterman is quite skilled. In these areas,Tyrod and Jones often fall short. Peterman’s 61% completion percentage is another plus for the Bills.

Peterman wins offensive shootout over Clemson

Nate Peterman appears to be good in tough situations. In a road game against the Clemson Tigers last fall, the quarterback passed for over 300 yards and 5 touchdowns.

The 43-42 victory showed that Peterman has some poise under pressure. He is efficient on the short passes, which is an area where Tyrod Taylor has struggled and shown some inconsistency in his game.

The Pitt Panthers’ power

If Peterman does win the leading QB role, the Bills’ top two offensive players will be Panther graduates.

LeSean McCoy played for the Pittsburgh Panthers when he was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2009. McCoy has been the heart of Buffalo’s offense. The Bills’ running attack is number one in the league and will be showcased again this season.

Good luck in the NFL, Nate Peterman.