Recently, Gregg Rosenthal from stated that the Buffalo Bills could cut LeSean McCoy, which would save cap space. Rosenthal also said that McCoy does not match up with Bills’ offensive coordinator Rick Dennison. Cutting the rusher would instantly slash Buffalo’s playoff chances. McCoy was the heart of the Bills’ offense last year. Here is why Buffalo needs McCoy.

Touchdowns and top yardage

McCoy managed to tally up close to 1300 yards and 13 touchdowns this past year. In a season where wide receiver Sammy Watkins was injured for 9 weeks, McCoy’s shifty style and ability to switch routes on a dime paid off for Buffalo.

The team was number one in rushing offense for the second year in a row. While Mike Gillislee is great one-two punch runner, Reggie Bush ended up with negative yardage last year.

McCoy can haul them in

McCoy is not only a stellar running back, but he is also a decent wide receiver. He had over 350 yards of receiving and scored one touchdown. His versatility is needed, especially when quarterback Tyrod Taylor has struggled with consistency. When Buffalo’s top running back is on his game, Taylor’s numbers also improve.

Locker room leader

A team needs a locker room leader who make players accountable and motivates them to give their best. McCoy is that guy. When players are not playing well, he calls them out.

When Rex Ryan was fired, the running back said that the head coach did not discipline the Bills enough. A winning attitude is needed.

Wide receiver problems

Buffalo struggled with wide receiver issues last year. Marquise Goodwin was hurt for much of the season and Watkins’ foot injury left him out for the middle chunk of the season.

Robert Woods did a good job when he was not injured. Justin Hunter scored touchdowns on almost all his catches, but was not used enough.

Getting rid of Lesean would be like telling Aaron Rodgers and Julio Jones to take a hike and find another job. It would be bad for the teams and so would cutting Lesean McCoy. The Buffalo Bills need him to stay put.