The matchup for the NBA Finals has not been solidified yet but it seems as though the league believes they know who will be in attendance. The Golden State Warriors were able to remain undefeated as they eliminated the San Antonio Spurs from the Western Conference playoff bracket. The Warriors are currently waiting for the Cavaliers to finish off the Boston Celtics as the Cavaliers lead the series 3-1. Although many would think the Cavaliers would be focusing on their game 5 assignments, it seems as though their head coach is focused on the road not traveled yet.

Who's harder to defend?

During an interview that was held on Wednesday, Tyronn Lue was asked how the offense of the Golden State Warriors differs from the offense of the Boston Celtics. The Celtics were able to sneak a game 3 victory against Cleveland in a performance that shocked the nation. During the game, the Celtics were able to rely on the scoring of Marcus Smart and Avery Bradley. Although the game's fate was decided on a last-second three-pointer, it was apparent that the Cavs were caught off guard.

When Tyronn Lue responded to the question at hand his response left the media with enough information to spark conversation. Lue gave praise to Bradley Stevens for the way he moves his players around the court consistently and attempts to score points in the paint.

He believes that the star power of the Warriors disables the team's ability to move freely around the court which makes the team "easier to defend."

The comments that were made by the head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers definitely turned heads around the NBA. The Golden State Warriors are known throughout the league for possessing one of the most potent offenses in the basketball.

The team averaged 118 points per night compared to Boston's 105. Tyronn Lue may have a point when he refers to the type of offense the Celtics prefer over the style at which the Warriors play, but to say their offense is "harder to defend" is hard to swallow.

Mike Brown handles the media like always

The Warriors acting head coach Mike Brown is known for his impressive press conferences.

He seems to always shed a different hue of light to the questions that are created to dim the success of the thriving organization. When Tyronn Lue's response was relayed to Mike Brown, his response was short and simple. "That's his opinion, it's cute." Although Mike Brown's response was shorter than the Cleveland Cavaliers head coach it sent the message that was necessary. The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors have been battling in the NBA Finals since 2015. It is clear that Lue and Brown plan on meeting again in 2017 and fans will be watching to see if the Cavaliers defense will be able to stop the offense of the Golden State Warriors.