2012 was the last time New York saw a professional sports championship. This was not the Yankees, however. The New York Giants were the last team to bring a ring to the city. Before that, it was the Yankees in 2009. Since then, the Yankees have struggled to even make the playoffs. It has not been a very strong run for this team over the past few years, but starting in 2017, they will be a different team.

The future

Looking into the future is impossible. But, it is not impossible to tell that this team will go on to do some pretty amazing things.

Aaron Judge has taken the league by storm, even getting his own seat section in Yankee Stadium. Any Yankees fans can get a ticket to sit in the "Judge's Chambers" in right field now. He is currently tied with Mike Trout for the most home runs in baseball. His natural power can be devastating to opposing pitchers, and he has done a good job of punishing them so far. Gary Sanchez also recently returned and should have a good career to look forward to. I could go on listing names, but even deeper than the team, the untapped talent is very impressive.

The Chicago White Sox have some of the most incredible prospects in baseball. They have the number one hitting and number one pitching prospects in the whole league (Yoan Moncada and Lucas Giolito).

However, the second best hitting prospect in all of baseball belongs to the Yankees with Gleyber Torres. The young shortstop could definitely be the future of this team when he finally gets the call up. The Yankees also own the league's 20th, 32nd, 40th, 69th, 70th, and 98th highest rated prospects. The talented youth alone should be scary for any Major League team.

What is even scarier is the cap room they have cleared for some "big" additions.

Free agency

When I say "big" additions, I mean Bryce Harper/Manny Machado big. Yes, they have been rumored as free agent targets for quite some time now. If the Yankees nail down one of these instant heroes, you can expect a few trips to the Fall Classic in the near future.

The question is, with Judge's dominant emergence, is Harper still a target? Both are young and very talented right fielders, but is another outfielder what they need? Maybe one of the two could make the adjustment to left field. Either way, locking in Harper would be huge for the team.

On the other side of the table sits Manny Machado, a stellar third baseman defensively and with the bat. It would be a no-brainer for the Yankees to sign the young superstar. With the shaky Chase Headley, Machado would be the easy replacement. As the leader of an amazing infield, the only issues at hand for the team would be the starting pitchers.

Watch this team

Even if you are not a Yankees fan, watch this team.

You will not be sorry. Every game holds some sore of amazement. Nobody has the potential for greatness that this team has. A glimpse back to New York's glory days of "Murderers' Row" could be in order. Don't be surprised if this Yankees team regains their dominance atop the league that they have been missing for a few decades now. With what they have now, what they will have, and what they are likely to get, there is no stronger team in baseball.