During the broadcast of the Cavaliers-Celtics game, which was one of the most anticipated matchups of the season due to first place positioning at stake. Boston Celtics commentator Mike Gorman made a strong comment about LeBron James. He said he believes that LeBron is "the best player in the world" and it's not even close. While on the topic, Celtics co-commentator Tommy Heinsohn chipped in with his thoughts, stating that he finds it odd when people don't mention James as an MVP candidate. He assumes people are just expecting a certain level of basketball performance from him every night, therefore not grabbing the attention he deserves for the MVP award.

Both commentators make a very good point, and speak a lot of truth considering they were commentating for the opposition that night.

Celtics commentators finally showing respect?

It was only last season in a game during December of 2015, that LeBron James was called a "cry baby" by these same Boston commentators. Tommy Heinsohn proclaimed, “LeBron is crying! LeBron is giving it the ‘ole, I’m the king, you’re making a jester out of me!”. This particular C's announcer was suggesting LeBron gets favored treatment from the referees, and cries about calls when they don't go his way. Fast forward the clock over a year later, and the respect this commentator has for the King seems to have risen a lot.

Complimenting LeBron throughout the game, backing up his statement of LBJ being a solid MVP candidate. I guess winning a championship for the Cavaliers went a long way in earning the respect LeBron deserves from some particular people.

Is LeBron the best in the world?

There are many great names brought into the discussion of the best player on the planet, but one name that always manages to shine above the rest, is LeBron James.

Despite the historic seasons from Russell Westbrook, James Harden and Kawhi Leonard. The man from Akron, Ohio is still known worldwide as the best in the business. ESPN and Sports Illustrated have ranked LeBron as the number one Basketball Player in the world for the last few seasons, and its not hard to see why.