The NBA playoffs have been anything but exciting, as both the Cavs and Warriors blew past their opponents to reach the NBA Finals. The other series in the NBA playoffs were lackluster as well, as there have been only two game sevens the entire NBA postseason. Many NBA postseason games have resulted in teams being blown out, making the playoffs predictable and sometimes even boring to watch. Many have criticized the lopsided power in the NBA, and the talent gap was apparent in the playoffs. Luckily, fans have the trilogy of the Cavs/Warriors matchup to look forward to.

This matchup is set to be epic, and the NBA needs this series to be one of the best ever in order to salvage a terrible NBA playoffs.

NBA Playoffs S.O.S

The NBA playoffs are known to be way more competitive than the regular season. The teams in the playoffs are the best of the best, a championship is on the line, so players were expected to give their all in every game. This year is was the complete opposite. Some teams were simply outmatched by their opponents, lacking star power or just the will to win. The Warriors seemed to be levels above their competition, as they went undefeated in the playoffs. Their average point differential was 16.25 points. Their games weren't close at all and that resulted in many people not watching the games.

The playoffs haven't lived up to expectations and this isn't good for the NBA. The NBA makes its money in the playoffs as they rely on close games and high competition to bring in the money for them. With this year's playoffs falling flat, many TV providers and sponsor might question if it's worth sponsoring the NBA. The NBA also might've lost money for the number of players resting in nationally televised games, so this is something the NBA needs to figure out quickly.

This is an S.O.S for the NBA and they couldn't have found a better savior.

Final Chance

The NBA has one final chance to save the NBA postseason and give the fans the competitive basketball they want to see. The NBA Finals matchup between the Cavs and Warriors are slated to start on June 1st and there is a lot of hype surrounding this game.

The Cavs are looking to defend their title while the Warriors are looking for redemption after blowing a 3-1 lead. These are the two best teams in the league and with their history, this will be a very intense series. Fans shouldn't expect blowouts, as both teams have enough firepower to keep up with one another. Both teams acknowledge the rivalry they have, so the NBA is hoping this series can make up for the bad series leading up to The Finals. See if the series lives up to the hype by watching game one on ABC at 9 p.m. Thursday.