Game six of the only series in the Eastern Conference was a huge one. The Celtics were up 3-2 and were looking to end this series tonight to get some rest to prepare for King James and the Cavaliers. The wizards were looking to force a game seven behind a home crowd that was amped to see their team perform.

The game was close throughout, and John Wall put on his cape to save the day for the Wizards. He hit a three-point shot late to get the lead and seal the deal for Washington. The pulled off the victory 92-91 and forced a game seven in Boston.

John Wall has been magnificent in this series and just showed us his clutch gene.

Backcourt Balance

The Wizards backcourt of John Wall and Bradley Beal are arguably one of the best in the NBA. The needed to prove that tonight in a series-clinching game, where their season was on the line. In game six both of them showed up, carrying the team with big scoring performances. Beal had a game-high 33 points and shot 15-26 from the field.

John Wall also continued his dominance, dropping 26 points and eight assists. Wall and Beal were called upon to help their team win a do or die game at home, and they delivered. They put the team on their backs and carried the team to a game seven in Boston.

The Celtics backcourt didn't disappoint either.

Isaiah Thomas dropped 27 points and eight assists. He didn't shoot to well from the field, only making 33 percent of his shots. Avery Bradley picked up where he left off in game five, matching Thomas with 27 points of his own. He shot an efficient 10-18 from the field and had four steals, making sure the Wizards weren't getting any easy passes.

The Celtics backcourt put up a fight, but it was the duo in D.C that played better in front of their fans.

Don't Disrespect D.C

The Celtics made a fashion statement coming into game six, as they all wore black clothing, resembling a funeral for the Wizards. The Celtics were saying the series was ending tonight, but they couldn't back up the fashion statement.

The Wizards did something similar in the regular season, wearing all black to a game vs. the Celtics.

John Wall didn't appreciate their clothing today saying in a post-game interview with ESPN "don't come to my city wearing all black." The Celtics were trying to send a message, but they might've lit a fire under Wall and the Wizards which might come back to haunt them in game seven. John Wall has a lot of love for D.C, and he made sure nobody will come in and disrespect his city like that.

This series has been the best series in the NBA playoffs by far. With teeth being knocked out and scuffles happening, this is what the NBA fans wanted to see in a playoff series. Game seven will be in Boston, and many people are excited to see what will unfold in that game.

The stars better are ready to play, as it is a win or go home situation for both teams. Catch game seven on May 15 at 8 p.m. on TNT.